Breeze – Breeze


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1 Party Perb Syndrome 04:04
2 A Moment Of Silence 04:19


Breeze is a self-titled maxi-single release by the talented Oakland, California rapper. Released in 1995 by Boo Bear Productions, this cassette tape only release is a rare find that showcases Breeze’s unique take on G-Funk and Gangsta rap styles, capturing the essence of the mid-90s West Coast hip-hop scene.

The maxi-single consists of two tracks that highlight Breeze’s lyrical prowess and smooth delivery. On Side Party, “Party Perb Syndrome” serves as an energetic anthem that captures the spirit of West Coast parties and the vibrant hip-hop scene of the time. Side Perb features “A Moment of Silence,” a more introspective track that offers a deeper look into Breeze’s thoughts and experiences.

Both tracks on the Breeze maxi-single were engineered by B. Leighton and Breeze himself, with Breeze also taking on the role of producer. The release was mastered and mixed at Hype Street Studios and manufactured by Disc Makers. The project’s executive producer is Vicki L. McKinney, who contributed to bringing Breeze’s vision to life.

This self-titled release is a testament to Breeze’s skill as a rapper and producer, with its authentic sound reflecting the spirit of 90s West Coast hip-hop. Though it may not have received widespread recognition, the Breeze maxi-single remains a valuable piece of Oakland’s hip-hop history and a showcase of Breeze’s artistry that fans of the genre will appreciate.


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