BoiRazzta – Keep It Push’n


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1 Keep It Push’n 03:09
2 Pay Attention 03:17
3 Ima Get It 03:27
4 Steady Mobbn 04:08
5 Always Knew 04:12
6 What Ya Hustle Look Like 03:07
7 Can’t Wait Till I Get Home 03:34
8 Oxymoron 03:49
9 Get On Ya Shit 04:12
10 Loyalty 02:51
11 Do Ya Like That 04:31
12 Sleeping On Me 03:21


“Keep It Push’n” is a mixtape by BoiRazzta, a talented rapper hailing from Modesto, California. Released on April 15, 2016, under the label Da Struggle Is Real, the project boasts 12 tracks that showcase BoiRazzta’s impressive lyrical skills and diverse rap style.

The mixtape kicks off with the title track “Keep It Push’n,” setting the tone for the rest of the project with its motivational message and catchy beat. “Pay Attention” follows with a more aggressive vibe, urging listeners to stay focused and aware of their surroundings.

“Ima Get It” presents a determined and ambitious side of BoiRazzta, as he raps about his relentless pursuit of success. “Steady Mobbn” keeps the energy high with a head-nodding beat and memorable verses. In “Always Knew,” BoiRazzta reflects on his journey and the challenges he’s faced, while remaining confident in his abilities.

“What Ya Hustle Look Like” is a call to action for listeners to evaluate their own grind and ambition. “Can’t Wait Till I Get Home” is a more personal track, describing BoiRazzta’s longing for the comforts and support found at home. “Oxymoron” demonstrates the rapper’s wordplay skills, cleverly utilizing contrasting concepts in his lyrics.

“Get On Ya Shit” is another motivational track, pushing listeners to stay focused and work hard in order to achieve their goals. “Loyalty” delves into the importance of trust and loyalty in both personal and professional relationships, emphasizing the value of surrounding oneself with genuine people.

“Do Ya Like That” is a smooth, laid-back track with BoiRazzta showcasing his versatility by delivering catchy hooks and flirtatious verses. The mixtape closes with “Sleeping On Me,” a confident anthem where BoiRazzta asserts his belief in his own talent and potential, daring anyone who doubts him to reconsider.

Throughout “Keep It Push’n,” BoiRazzta delivers a well-rounded project that encompasses various themes and moods, ensuring there’s something for everyone. His unique voice and skillful lyricism make this mixtape a must-listen for fans of authentic, raw hip-hop.



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