BoeMarley – Inner Demon


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1 It Made Me 01:56
2 Shit Talkerr, Pt. 2 01:45
3 The Struggle 03:13
Featuring – $wayze
4 You Wasn’t With Me 03:12
5 Training Day 03:00
6 Marley Marley Marley, Pt. 3 02:35
7 No Hooks 02:53
Featuring – $wayze
8 The Race 01:48
9 Go Getta 03:15
10 I Just Can’t 03:05
11 So Whats Good 02:11
12 Venting 01:50
13 My Story 02:41
14 Really Real 01:41
15 Tryna Win 02:01


Inner Demon, released on January 25, 2018, by Natti Gang Records, is a powerful mixtape by Oakland rapper BoeMarley. This 15-track project dives deep into the rapper’s personal experiences and emotions, exploring themes of struggle, resilience, and ambition. BoeMarley’s unique style and versatile flow are on full display throughout the mixtape, making it a must-listen for fans of the California hip-hop scene.

The mixtape opens with the introspective “It Made Me,” setting the stage for the raw and unfiltered narratives BoeMarley shares in the subsequent tracks. The project features two collaborations with fellow artist $wayze, who adds his distinct voice and energy to the tracks “The Struggle” and “No Hooks.” These collaborations enhance the mixtape’s overall impact and showcase BoeMarley’s ability to work seamlessly with other talented artists.

Inner Demon stands out for its powerful storytelling and engaging beats, which range from hard-hitting and aggressive to moody and introspective. Tracks such as “Training Day,” “Marley Marley Marley, Pt. 3,” and “Go Getta” highlight BoeMarley’s lyrical prowess and ability to captivate listeners with his memorable hooks.

As the mixtape progresses, BoeMarley delves deeper into his personal experiences, sharing his journey with tracks like “Venting” and “My Story.” The project concludes with the determined “Tryna Win,” leaving listeners with a sense of BoeMarley’s perseverance and dedication to his craft.

Inner Demon is a testament to BoeMarley’s growth as an artist and his commitment to sharing his unique perspective through his music. With its diverse range of beats, memorable hooks, and raw, honest lyrics, Inner Demon is a project that will resonate with fans of hip-hop and leave them eagerly anticipating BoeMarley’s next release.



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