Big Twan 100 – Complicated


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1 Still 03:24
2 Need Some 03:01
Featuring – J. Woods, Richi Ray
3 Silly Bitch 03:25
4 Thugs Need Love To 03:02
5 FWT 04:11
Featuring – Yk Osiris, J. Woods
6 Don’t Kiss 03:03
Featuring – Mozzy, J. Woods
7 In My Feelings 02:16
Featuring – Ceedub
8 Fwabb 03:45
Featuring – Richie Ray
9 Ain’t No Love 03:16
10 Lost Soul 03:11
11 Can’t Play A Playa 02:27
12 Hit That 02:31
13 Changes 02:39


“Complicated” is a powerful project by California-based rapper Big Twan 100, released on October 8, 2018, under the label Lickz Ent. The 13-track mixtape displays Big Twan 100’s raw talent, captivating storytelling, and versatile style, making it a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts.

The mixtape begins with the introspective “Still,” setting the tone for the project and showcasing Big Twan 100’s unique sound. “Need Some,” featuring J. Woods and Richi Ray, follows with a smooth beat and engaging lyrics that highlight the rapper’s creativity. “Silly Bitch” adds a touch of humor and a catchy hook to the mixtape, while “Thugs Need Love To” delivers a heartfelt message.

“FWT,” featuring Yk Osiris and J. Woods, showcases Big Twan 100’s ability to collaborate with other artists and produce a melodic track. “Don’t Kiss,” featuring Mozzy and J. Woods, brings a West Coast vibe to the mixtape, demonstrating Big Twan 100’s versatility. “In My Feelings,” featuring Ceedub, takes a more introspective approach, with powerful lyrics that resonate with listeners.

“Fwabb,” featuring Richie Ray, is a high-energy track that showcases Big Twan 100’s unique flow and lyrical skills. “Ain’t No Love” delves into the harsh realities of life, while “Lost Soul” continues the introspective theme. “Can’t Play A Playa” adds a playful element to the mixtape, and “Hit That” keeps the energy high. The mixtape concludes with “Changes,” a reflective track that ties the project together.

“Complicated” is an impressive display of Big Twan 100’s talents, offering a variety of sounds and themes that appeal to a wide audience. This mixtape is an essential addition to any hip-hop fan’s collection.



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