Big Tima – Playa Check’n


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1 So High 04:36
Featuring – Grip
2 Check You 03:02
3 High Side 04:05
4 Itty Bitty 03:50
5 Playa Check’n 04:25
6 Westcoast Eastcoast 03:47
Featuring – Calli G, Gangsta Poet, King George, Krazy Kazy, Grip
7 Freaky 04:17
Featuring – King George
8 No No 03:05
9 The Bigga The Mack 04:04
Featuring – Young Jay
10 Finga On The Trigga 04:18
Featuring – CP
11 It’s Time To Chill 04:17
12 Street Life 04:08
Featuring – Big S., Lon Don, Lugo
13 Booty Call 01:40
14 Don’t Wanna See Me 03:46
Featuring – CP, Sassy V, Toni
15 A Phone Call To Mama 00:43
16 On The Move Again 03:49


“Playa Check’n” is the only studio album by Oakland-based rapper Big Tima, released in 1998 through AK Productions in partnership with Rapamerica Distribution. This album offers a collection of 16 tracks that delve into the world of gangsta rap, with Big Tima’s distinct lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities. The album’s production is helmed by Anthony “AK” Walker, who creates an engaging soundscape that perfectly complements Big Tima’s flow and style.

From the opening track “So High,” featuring Grip, to the album’s title track “Playa Check’n,” Big Tima takes listeners on a journey through the streets of Oakland, offering an authentic representation of the life and culture of the time. The album also features collaborations with a host of talented artists, such as Calli G, Gangsta Poet, King George, Krazy Kazy, Young Jay, CP, Big S., Lon Don, Lugo, Sassy V, and Toni.

Standout tracks like “Westcoast Eastcoast,” “Freaky,” and “Street Life” showcase Big Tima’s versatility as an artist and her ability to captivate listeners with vivid imagery and compelling narratives. The album also includes more introspective moments, such as “A Phone Call To Mama” and “Don’t Wanna See Me,” which reveal the complexities of Big Tima’s experiences and perspectives.

“Playa Check’n” is a noteworthy addition to the Oakland hip-hop scene of the late 90s, demonstrating Big Tima’s talent and potential as an influential rapper in the genre. Despite being her only studio album, “Playa Check’n” has left a lasting impression on fans and continues to be celebrated for its authentic representation of West Coast gangsta rap.



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