Ball Player – Ghetto Life


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1 Intro 01:30
2 Ghetto Life 04:38
Featuring – Mississippi
3 Havin Thangs 04:27
Featuring – 151, Dee Dee, Messy Marv, San Quinn
4 Be There 05:36
Featuring – B-Legit, Dee Dee
5 Sucka Fa Hoes 04:53
Featuring – Lil’ Mama, Mac Mall, Mississippi
6 Makin A Livin’ 05:29
Featuring – Levitti
7 Ghetto Life (Interlude) 01:21
8 Voices In My Head 05:14
Featuring – Francii
9 This One’s For You 04:00
Featuring – Andre
10 Keep On Mobbin’ 04:56
Featuring – Francii, Patrick Lewis
11 Hoe Slayer 04:32
12 Dedicated To The Streets 04:08
13 Outro 01:25


“Ghetto Life,” the only studio album by Oakland-based rapper Ball Player, was released on October 14, 1997, under High Tech Records. This album features a mix of gritty street tales and introspective tracks that provide a vivid portrayal of life in the urban environment. The 13-track album highlights Ball Player’s unique storytelling abilities and offers listeners an authentic taste of the West Coast gangsta rap scene in the late ’90s.

The album begins with a captivating intro produced by Young Cellski, setting the tone for the immersive listening experience that follows. The title track, “Ghetto Life,” features Mississippi and is co-produced by Ball Player himself, offering a raw and unfiltered perspective on the struggles faced in inner-city neighborhoods.

“Havin Thangs” enlists the talents of 151, Dee Dee, Messy Marv, and San Quinn, while “Be There” brings together B-Legit and Dee Dee, showcasing the album’s diverse range of collaborations. “Sucka Fa Hoes” features Lil’ Mama, Mac Mall, and Mississippi, with a catchy hook and a blend of smooth guitar lines and hard-hitting beats.

The introspective track “Voices In My Head,” featuring Francii, delves into the rapper’s psyche, reflecting on the challenges and temptations that come with living in the streets. “This One’s For You” samples the classic “Backstabbers” by the O’Jays, adding a touch of soulful nostalgia to the track.

Throughout the album, Ball Player demonstrates his lyrical prowess and ability to create captivating narratives, as showcased in tracks like “Makin A Livin’,” “Hoe Slayer,” and “Dedicated To The Streets.” The album concludes with an outro, bringing the listener full circle with another Young Cellski production.

“Ghetto Life” is an essential listen for fans of late ’90s West Coast hip-hop, offering a powerful and authentic portrayal of life in Oakland, California.



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