Baby Roc – Blue Strips And News Clips


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1 Shark Shyt 02:30
2 Faculty 04:23
3 Never Goin Bacc 04:15
Featuring – G Perico, Bandanaz
4 Broke 01:33
5 Strawberry Fanta 04:20
Featuring – True Boy
6 Gang Shyt 03:19
Featuring – Bandanaz
7 Fucc Shyt 02:48
8 Fuc It Up 01:59
9 Tricc Dice 02:13
10 Yung Ace (Low End Nutt) 03:51
11 3 Of ‘Em 02:24
12 Sticc Man 02:48
Featuring – Coli White


“Blue Strips And News Clips” is a dynamic and powerful mixtape from up-and-coming rapper Baby Roc, hailing from Monrovia, California. Released on May 12, 2018, under the Ryda Game Gang Music Group label, this project showcases Baby Roc’s raw talent and ability to deliver hard-hitting lyrics over captivating beats.

Featuring guest appearances from notable artists such as G Perico, Bandanaz, True Boy, and Coli White, “Blue Strips And News Clips” offers a diverse range of tracks that highlight Baby Roc’s versatility and unique style. With 12 tracks in total, the mixtape takes listeners on a journey through Baby Roc’s world, touching on themes of street life, personal struggles, and ambition.

The mixtape opens with “Shark Shyt,” a high-energy track that sets the tone for the rest of the project. “Faculty” follows, offering a more introspective look at Baby Roc’s life and experiences, showcasing his storytelling abilities.

“Never Goin Bacc,” featuring G Perico and Bandanaz, is a standout track that highlights Baby Roc’s determination to succeed and never look back. With its catchy hook and powerful verses, this track is sure to resonate with fans of authentic, street-inspired hip-hop.

“Strawberry Fanta,” featuring True Boy, offers a more laid-back vibe, with smooth beats and clever wordplay. Meanwhile, tracks like “Gang Shyt” and “Fucc Shyt” further solidify Baby Roc’s reputation as a rising force in the hip-hop scene.

“Blue Strips And News Clips” is a strong offering from Baby Roc, showcasing his talent and potential for success in the rap game. With its mix of introspective storytelling and hard-hitting tracks, this mixtape is not one to be missed.



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