B.G. Knocc Out – Features


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1 The Krown 03:42
Featuring – King T, Gangsta Dresta
2 Dat’s How I’m Livin’ 05:11
3 Maintain 04:39
Featuring – Gangsta Dresta, Kam
4 Mind Blowin’ 02:41
Featuring – Gangsta Dresta
5 Ten Steps N Draw 04:13
Featuring – Cuicide, RBX
6 Mo Bodies 03:40
Featuring – Mic Stone
7 We Up 03:28
Featuring – Locomotion, Bg Cat
8 Knocc U Out 03:07
Featuring – Binky Womack
9 Real Mutha Phukkin G’z 04:47
10 Da Gang 04:20
Featuring – Locomotion, Bg Cat
11 Do Anything 03:50
Featuring – Compton Menace
12 Compton2stockton 02:19
Featuring – Beef Loc


“Features” is a dynamic compilation by Compton, California rapper B.G. Knocc Out, released on September 30, 2017, under the Bellicose Inc. label. The project showcases B.G. Knocc Out’s ability to collaborate with a variety of artists, including King T, Gangsta Dresta, Kam, Cuicide, RBX, Mic Stone, Locomotion, Bg Cat, Binky Womack, Compton Menace, and Beef Loc.

The compilation kicks off with “The Krown,” a powerful track featuring King T and Gangsta Dresta that sets the tone for the rest of the project. “Maintain,” featuring Gangsta Dresta and Kam, stands out as a track that emphasizes resilience and perseverance, while “Mind Blowin'” featuring Gangsta Dresta brings a hypnotic vibe to the mix.

“Ten Steps N Draw,” featuring Cuicide and RBX, adds an intense energy to the compilation, while “Mo Bodies,” featuring Mic Stone, and “We Up,” featuring Locomotion and Bg Cat, showcase B.G. Knocc Out’s ability to create catchy hooks and memorable verses.

The project also includes collaborations with Binky Womack on “Knocc U Out” and Compton Menace on “Do Anything,” adding even more variety to the mix. The compilation closes with “Compton2stockton,” a collaboration with Beef Loc, highlighting the connection between two California cities.

Overall, “Features” is an impressive collection of collaborations that demonstrate B.G. Knocc Out’s ability to work with various artists while maintaining his signature West Coast sound.



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