B.G. Knocc Out – 5st. (Regime Change)


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1 Freedom Or Death (Mr. President) 02:57
Featuring – Odee Cus
2 Can’t Hang With Me 02:53
Featuring – Young Claybo
3 Str8 Rider 02:42
Featuring – Cizzle
4 Do My Thang 03:22
Featuring – Kaoz, Chris P
5 Greenleaf 04:53
Featuring – Who Did It, Dre’sta, Team Guillotine
6 Problem 03:00
Featuring – Dre’sta, Ammar Sharif
7 War Cry 04:03
Featuring – Poetiqbeetz


“5st. (Regime Change)” is a compelling mixtape by B.G. Knocc Out, a skilled rapper from Compton, California. Released on February 21, 2018, under Bellicose Inc., this project features a unique blend of hard-hitting lyrics, diverse collaborations, and powerful social commentary. The mixtape showcases B.G. Knocc Out’s ability to tell compelling stories while addressing critical issues, and the featured artists add their own distinct flavors to the project.

The mixtape begins with “Freedom Or Death (Mr. President),” featuring Odee Cus, which sets the tone with its strong political message and captivating beat. “Can’t Hang With Me,” featuring Young Claybo, offers a different perspective, highlighting the loyalty and camaraderie among friends.

“Str8 Rider,” featuring Cizzle, dives into the world of street life, while “Do My Thang” introduces listeners to Kaoz and Chris P, as the artists come together to create a dynamic track about self-expression and determination. “Greenleaf” is a standout collaboration, featuring Who Did It, Dre’sta, and Team Guillotine, exploring the challenges and realities of life in Compton.

“Problem,” featuring Dre’sta and Ammar Sharif, demonstrates the artists’ lyrical prowess and ability to convey powerful emotions through music. The mixtape concludes with “War Cry,” an evocative track featuring Poetiqbeetz that encourages listeners to stand up for what they believe in.

“5st. (Regime Change)” is an essential listen for fans of B.G. Knocc Out and anyone seeking thought-provoking, impactful hip-hop.



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