Ant Dogg – Jankytown


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1 Jankytown 04:00
2 Makin’ Bodies Burn 04:19
Featuring – A.V., Squee Bass, Dulowd, Triggy Mac, Cadillac Todd
3 One Nation WJNK 420 Am Radio 04:04
Featuring – FMB
4 Parlayin’ 03:17
Featuring – Coolie C, Tenor, Cadillac Todd
5 Triple Threat / The Car Ride 04:56
Featuring – Squee Bass, Dulowd
6 FRM: Here To: Miami 04:16
7 Better Wayz 04:30
Featuring – A.V., Kree
8 Wjnky Talk Radio, Pt. 1 01:14
Featuring – A.V., FMB, Mickey
9 Bloc To Bloc 04:50
Featuring – A.V., Coolie C, Dulowd
10 Wjnky Talk Radio, Pt. 2 01:44
Featuring – A.V., FMB, Mickey
11 Way Too Long 05:31
Featuring – Dulowd, Kree
12 Trippin’ Tonight 03:31
Featuring – Cadillac Todd
13 D.J. Slap Nutz 00:21
14 Memory LN. 2000 03:20
Featuring – Kree
15 21 Unda The Gun 04:15
Featuring – Cadillac Todd
16 American Grafitti 03:22
Featuring – Coolie C
17 Jankytown All Stars 09:17
Featuring – Martie Bicardii 151, A.V., Mac Bonez, Bud, Young Lou, Maja Pan, Sideways, Silky Slim, Cadillac Todd, Young Will
18 Outro 07:47


“Jankytown” is the one and only studio album by Ant Dogg, a rapper hailing from Antioch, California. Released on November 7, 2000, by Flip Tha Switch Records, this album showcases Ant Dogg’s gangsta rap style that was prevalent during the early 2000s.

The album consists of 18 tracks, each highlighting Ant Dogg’s unique rapping skills and storytelling prowess. From the title track “Jankytown” to the final “Outro,” the album delivers a raw and gritty portrayal of life in Antioch, California.

Songs such as “Makin Bodies Burn” and “Parlayin'” showcase Ant Dogg’s ability to create hard-hitting tracks with memorable hooks, while tracks like “One Nation” and “Triple Threat” demonstrate his versatility as a rapper.

The album also includes two skits, “Wjnky Talk Radio (P.1)” and “Wjnky Talk Radio (P.2),” which add a touch of humor to the overall listening experience. With songs like “Memory Ln.2000” and “American Graffiti,” Ant Dogg pays homage to the past while looking forward to the future.

“Jankytown” is a testament to Ant Dogg’s talent as a rapper and his ability to create an engaging album that captures the essence of West Coast hip-hop during the turn of the century. Though it remains his only studio album, “Jankytown” serves as a reminder of Ant Dogg’s unique contribution to the hip-hop scene.



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