Almighty Slime & Ohgeesy – No Bap


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1 Break Up 02:22
2 Jerry Springerr 01:45
3 On Ya Body 03:37
4 That’s Bap 01:15
5 Hey Baeby 01:49
6 Perkolate 01:53


“No Bap” is a vibrant EP by Los Angeles-based rappers Almighty Slime and Ohgeesy, showcasing their undeniable talent and distinctive West Coast sound. Released on May 27, 2019, under Red Bandit Records, this project features six tracks that offer an exciting glimpse into the duo’s musical prowess.

The EP kicks off with “Break Up,” a track that highlights the rappers’ lyrical skills and unique flow. This is followed by “Jerry Springerr,” a high-energy track that demonstrates their clever wordplay and ability to craft catchy hooks. “On Ya Body” further showcases Almighty Slime and Ohgeesy’s dynamic chemistry, making it a standout track on the project.

“That’s Bap” serves as a brief yet memorable track, emphasizing the duo’s ability to create impactful music in just over a minute. “Hey Baeby” continues the EP’s momentum with a catchy beat and engaging lyrics, making it an easy favorite among listeners.

The final track, “Perkolate,” brings the EP to a strong close with its infectious rhythm and memorable verses. Throughout the project, Almighty Slime and Ohgeesy’s distinct styles complement each other perfectly, resulting in a cohesive and engaging listening experience.

Overall, “No Bap” is an impressive showcase of Almighty Slime and Ohgeesy’s talent, making them artists to watch in the rap scene. With its unique sound and captivating tracks, this EP is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.



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