Al Husky & Taktikz – Husky Taktikz


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1 Product Of The Street 04:18
Featuring – Interstate Street
2 Fuck It 04:29
Featuring – K Loc
3 Fuck Love (Intro) [Skit] 00:20
4 Fake Love 03:40
Featuring – Ruffian
5 Live Life 02:24
6 Times Up 03:00
Featuring – Bear 78
7 Slappin’ Hella Hard 03:36
Featuring – Samoan Herm, Interstate Steve
8 Heaven Knows 02:39
9 Be A Way 02:52


“Husky Taktikz” is a collaboration album by Oakland, California-based rappers Al Husky and Taktikz. Released on March 29, 2016, under the Fully Blown Records label, this project showcases the duo’s unique blend of hard-hitting lyrics and powerful beats. With features from Interstate Street, K Loc, Ruffian, Bear 78, and Samoan Herm, “Husky Taktikz” delivers an engaging listening experience that speaks to the raw, gritty reality of life on the streets.

The album kicks off with “Product Of The Street,” featuring Interstate Street. This opening track sets the tone for the rest of the album with its authentic storytelling and attention-grabbing flow. The following track, “Fuck It,” features K Loc and continues the high-energy momentum with its aggressive delivery and pulsating beats.

In the middle of the album, a brief skit titled “Fuck Love (Intro)” transitions into the song “Fake Love,” which features Ruffian. This track delves into the complexities of love and betrayal, showcasing the duo’s ability to tackle diverse subject matter while maintaining their distinct sound.

Other standout tracks on “Husky Taktikz” include “Live Life,” “Times Up” featuring Bear 78, and “Slappin’ Hella Hard” featuring Samoan Herm and Interstate Steve. Each song brings its own flavor to the album, with compelling narratives and memorable hooks that keep listeners engaged from start to finish.

Closing out the album are “Heaven Knows” and “Be A Way,” two introspective tracks that explore themes of hope and perseverance amid adversity. These final songs showcase Al Husky and Taktikz’s depth as artists, proving that they have much more to offer than just hard-hitting street anthems.

Overall, “Husky Taktikz” stands as a powerful collaboration between two talented rappers, blending their individual styles to create an unforgettable album that resonates with fans of authentic, street-wise hip-hop.



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