Adam Roose – Bixby Knolls LP


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1 Intro 02:50
2 The Struggle 00:47
3 Salutations 03:52
4 Upside 01:47
5 Guap Over Skes, Pt. 2 05:14
6 Broad in the Bix 05:29
7 Addiction 1.0 03:02
8 Wardlow (Skit) 00:55
9 Roosevelt’s Road 04:49
10 Work 03:35
Featuring – Mrs Black Dyamond
11 MnM’s 04:47
Featuring – Tay F3rd
12 Fo Lyfe 05:13
Featuring – Ab Soul
13 Give ‘N’ Take 03:04
14 Naysayers (Skit) 01:28
15 The Universe City 03:49
16 The 1ne (Skit) 01:07
17 The 1ne 03:40
18 Addiction 1.5 02:30
Featuring – Rene Brown
19 Fuck’n Wit Me 04:45


“Bixby Knolls LP” is a project by rapper Adam Roose, hailing from Long Beach, California. Released on December 10, 2014, under The University Creative Group, the album offers a diverse range of tracks, exploring various themes and moods. The project features collaborations with talented artists such as Mrs. Black Dyamond, Tay F3rd, Ab Soul, and Rene Brown.

The album opens with an introspective “Intro,” followed by the brief yet powerful “The Struggle.” With “Salutations,” Adam Roose showcases his lyrical prowess, before transitioning into the upbeat and catchy “Upside.” “Guap Over Skes, Pt. 2” and “Broad in the Bix” delve into the rapper’s personal experiences, while “Addiction 1.0” touches on the theme of addiction.

“Wardlow (Skit)” serves as a brief interlude before the introspective “Roosevelt’s Road.” “Work,” featuring Mrs. Black Dyamond, is an energetic track celebrating hard work and ambition. “MnM’s,” featuring Tay F3rd, provides a smooth and rhythmic collaboration, while “Fo Lyfe,” featuring Ab Soul, delivers a strong message about loyalty and perseverance.

“Give ‘N’ Take” explores the concept of reciprocity, followed by the reflective “Naysayers (Skit).” “The Universe City” offers a glimpse into Adam Roose’s vision, and “The 1ne (Skit)” sets the stage for “The 1ne,” a track about self-belief and determination. “Addiction 1.5,” featuring Rene Brown, revisits the theme of addiction with an added perspective. The album closes with “Fuck’n Wit Me,” a bold and confident statement.

“Bixby Knolls LP” showcases Adam Roose’s versatility as a rapper and his ability to connect with listeners through his storytelling and relatable themes.



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