Acktup – King Mentality


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1 Better Than Me 03:26
2 East Oakland USA 03:23
3 Super Duper Wet 04:00
4 In My Soul 03:50
5 Acktup Says 02:52
6 Money Make The World Turn 03:22
Featuring – S.A.V
7 Do Yo Thang 02:43
8 I Be Movin’ It 04:12
Featuring – Knight
9 I’m Feeling It 03:08
Featuring – Mysta Vista
10 Piano Sex 03:07
Featuring – Dame, E Da Singer
11 I’m Just A Black Man 04:00
12 Street Life 03:35
Featuring – Devin
13 80’s Baby 03:04
14 Ready For Whatever 03:53
15 Beat It Out The Frame 03:06
Featuring – Mysta Vista
16 In My Trunk 04:16
Featuring – AC, 2 Left Feet
17 Block Boys 04:41
Featuring – Black Fam (Mysta Vista, Knight, Lil Yae)
18 I Can Make It Rain 04:24
19 Lock Down Behind Bars 03:49
20 Turf Dance Remix (Bonus Track) 04:20
Featuring – Alona James


“King Mentality” is a powerful album by Oakland rapper Acktup, released in 2008 under Black Fam Entertainment. This project showcases Acktup’s incredible talent and versatility, with features from a diverse array of artists such as S.A.V, Knight, Mysta Vista, Dame, E Da Singer, Devin, AC, 2 Left Feet, Black Fam, and Alona James.

The album kicks off with the confident track “Better Than Me,” followed by “East Oakland USA,” which pays homage to Acktup’s roots. “Super Duper Wet” further demonstrates the rapper’s ability to create catchy and memorable tracks that resonate with listeners. “In My Soul” offers a more introspective look into Acktup’s inner thoughts and experiences.

Acktup collaborates with S.A.V on “Money Make The World Turn,” an upbeat track that highlights the duo’s chemistry. “Do Yo Thang” showcases Acktup’s unique flow, while “I Be Movin’ It” features Knight, creating a powerful and dynamic collaboration. Mysta Vista appears on the engaging track “I’m Feeling It,” and later on “Beat It Out The Frame,” showcasing their strong rapport.

The album also includes “Piano Sex,” a sultry track featuring Dame and E Da Singer, and the thought-provoking “I’m Just A Black Man.” “Street Life” sees Acktup teaming up with Devin, while “80’s Baby” and “Ready For Whatever” further display the rapper’s lyrical prowess.

The project continues with “In My Trunk,” featuring AC and 2 Left Feet, and “Block Boys,” a collaboration with Black Fam members Mysta Vista, Knight, and Lil Yae. The album concludes with “I Can Make It Rain,” “Lock Down Behind Bars,” and the energetic bonus track “Turf Dance Remix,” featuring Alona James.

“King Mentality” is a testament to Acktup’s skill and dedication to his craft, offering a diverse collection of tracks that showcase his versatility and unique voice in the hip-hop world.



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