A.L.T The Saint – The Resurrection


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1 We Ridin’ 03:49
Featuring – Tammy
2 The Recipe 03:15
3 That’s Gangster 03:33
Featuring – Frost
4 Slide 03:40
5 Problems 03:10
6 Old School Pimp 04:05
7 Mr. Bigg 04:25
Featuring – Tammy
8 Lunch Time 03:41
Featuring – Big Weetz
9 Let Me Be Me 03:30
Featuring – Dinero
10 It’s On Me 03:54
Featuring – Big Weetz
11 I Got 03:40
Featuring – Redwood
12 Hood Near You 03:25
Featuring – Mista Leno, Seven
13 Gangsta Waltz 03:37
14 Ela Bikers Anthem 02:57
15 Don’t Tell Me 04:03
16 Callin Em Out 03:57
17 Bitches 04:56
18 Bang, Bang 04:20
Featuring – Slow Pain


“The Resurrection” is the fourth studio album by El Monte, California rapper A.L.T The Saint, released on May 25, 2010, under Hellafyde Records / LRT. The album features a fusion of Hip Hop and Latin styles, showcasing A.L.T The Saint’s unique sound and lyrical prowess. The album features guest appearances from Tammy, Frost, Big Weetz, Dinero, Redwood, Mista Leno, Seven, and Slow Pain, creating a diverse and engaging listening experience.

“Bang Bang,” featuring Slow Pain, starts the album with a powerful beat and energetic verses, setting the tone for the rest of the project. “Bitches,” featuring Seven, follows with a captivating flow and catchy hook. A.L.T The Saint continues to demonstrate his skills with “Callin’ Em Out” and “Don’t Tell Me,” two tracks that showcase his lyrical abilities and storytelling.

“ELA Bikers Anthem” brings a raw, street vibe to the album, while “Gangsta Waltz” offers a smooth beat and mesmerizing lyrics. “Hood Near You,” featuring Seven, and “I Got,” featuring Redwood, continue the album’s momentum with strong collaborations and memorable performances.

“It’s On Me,” with vocals by Weeto, “Let Me Be Me,” featuring Dinero, and “Lunch Time,” also featuring Weeto, further solidify A.L.T The Saint’s versatile sound and impressive delivery. The album continues with tracks like “Mr. Bigg,” “Oldschool Pimp,” “Problems,” and “Slide,” showcasing the artist’s unwavering dedication to his craft.

“That’s Gangster,” featuring Frost, and “The Recipe” serve as standout tracks on the album, followed by the closing track, “We Ridin’,” which perfectly encapsulates the project’s essence.



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