51.50 Illegally Insane – The Classic First Two Albums


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Disc 1

1 51.50 Intro 00:42
2 Jealous MF’s 04:40
3 They Made Me… 03:53
4 Games People Play 05:07
5 Back On Tha’ Track 03:46
6 Steady Stayin’ Paid 02:56
7 Dorothy 04:49
8 Illegally Insane 04:56
9 Green & White -Jailstrumental 04:52
10 Do It Right (Remix) 04:20
11 We Be Dumpin’ 08:27

Disc 2

1 Intro 01:12
2 Ghetto Blues 04:58
3 Bump-A-B*tch 04:28
Featuring – K-Poo
4 Why N*ggas Ain’t Scared To Die 03:51
5 Steady Stayin’ Paid ’95 04:22
Featuring – Ant Dog
6 Biggest Little City 05:11
7 Stuck In The Game 04:18
Featuring – Ant Dog
8 I Can’t Win 02:10
9 Prisonville 03:45
10 Suicyde 03:44
11 7.9 Vine 04:37
12 Took Me Under 05:28
Featuring – Levy Love


“The Classic First Two Albums” is a compilation by the rap group 51.50 Illegally Insane, hailing from Marin City, California. Released in 1999 by Dogday Records and ARRogant Records, this collection showcases the group’s first two albums, “Games People Play” and “Crazy Has Stuck Again,” in a 2-CD compilation format. The compilation is characterized by its raw, energetic sound that captures the essence of gangsta rap from the 1990s.

51.50 Illegally Insane, composed of members D.J. Gable, Klark Gable, Levy Love, Ryan D, and TAC, delivers hard-hitting beats and powerful lyrics that paint a vivid picture of their experiences growing up in Marin City. The compilation features a total of 23 tracks, with the first CD containing songs from “Games People Play” and the second CD covering “Crazy Has Stuck Again.”

The compilation includes a diverse range of production talent, with contributions from Klark Gable, 51.50 Illegally Insane, P-Hook, T.C., Mr. D, and others. The group also collaborates with several artists, such as Lisa Mclarren, Chris Jones, K-Poo, Ant Dog, and more, which adds depth and variety to the overall sound of the compilation. The inclusion of bonus tracks “Do It Right (Remix)” and “We Be Dumpin'” on the first CD is an added treat for fans.

The tracks on this compilation highlight 51.50 Illegally Insane’s ability to blend gritty storytelling with catchy hooks and innovative beats. From the introspective “Ghetto Blues” to the hard-hitting “Illegally Insane” and the introspective “Prisonville,” each song showcases the group’s distinctive style and lyrical prowess.

“The Classic First Two Albums” is a must-have for fans of 51.50 Illegally Insane and a testament to the group’s early impact on the West Coast hip-hop scene.



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