223 Family – We Don’t Listen


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1 Intro 00:20
2 Family Anniversary 03:28
3 Presidential 04:08
4 Ride Till We Die 04:22
5 Your Baby Mama’s A B*tch 03:37
6 Broke N*ggaz Turn Killaz 03:57
7 What Ever The Cost 03:56
8 Is It Real What I Feel 04:38
9 Family Entertainment Pic-Nic 04:08
10 Ward Of The State 03:47
11 Vill Boyz 03:55
12 Tuff Can’t Control The Rhyme 03:26
13 I Can F*ck You Better 03:53
14 When The Club Let Out 04:01
15 Outro 03:55


“We Don’t Listen” is the one and only studio album by the Oakland, California-based rap group 223 Family. Released on June 22, 1999, under the labels Family Entertainment and Won’t Stop Entertainment, the album features an array of guest appearances, including 3X Krazy, Killa Tay, J-Dubb, Lady Unique, Str-8 Nutz, 2Wice, Deeply Involved Cartel, Yolanda, Angie, and Amon. With its blend of gangsta rap and hip-hop styles, “We Don’t Listen” delivers a raw and unapologetic sound.

The album kicks off with a brief “Intro” before diving into “Family Anniversary,” featuring Thicker Than Water and produced by Antron Haile. The track sets the tone for the album, showcasing the tight-knit bond between the members of 223 Family. “Presidential,” featuring J-Dubb and co-produced by J-Dubb, follows with a powerful and assertive vibe.

“Ride Till We Die,” featuring Killa Tay and produced by Sean-T, continues the album’s momentum with its infectious hook and compelling storytelling. “Your Baby Mama’s A Bitch” and “Broke Niggaz Turn Killaz,” featuring Lady Unique, delve into the harsh realities of street life, while “What Ever the Cost,” featuring Str8 Nutz, emphasizes the group’s determination and commitment to their craft.

Tracks like “Is It Real What I Feel,” featuring Yolanda, and “Family Entertainment Pic-Nic,” featuring 2Wice and 3X Krazy, showcase the group’s versatility, while “Ward of the State” and “Vill Boyz,” featuring D.T, offer a gritty and unfiltered look at life in the streets. “Cost to Be the Boss,” featuring Armon, and “Tuff Can’t Control the Rhyme” demonstrate the group’s lyrical prowess and confidence.

“I Can Fuck You Better,” featuring Angie, and “When the Club Let Out,” produced by Butch, bring a more playful and lighthearted energy to the album, before closing with the “Outro.”

“We Don’t Listen” stands as a testament to 223 Family’s unique sound and their dedication to the hip-hop genre, making it a memorable addition to any rap collection.



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