Yung Zeke – Take Control, Vol. 1


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1 Red Water 01:27
2 Bust It Freestyle 02:37
Featuring – LilYerm
3 Pop Up Wit Choppas 01:43
4 Idgaf 01:09
5 15 01:59
Featuring – TrapMoneyT
6 Str8 2 Da Top 03:52
Featuring – TrapMoneyT, Guapoxshift


“Take Control, Vol. 1” is an EP by Long Beach, California-based rapper Yung Zeke, released on February 20, 2018. This project showcases Yung Zeke’s energetic flow, catchy hooks, and raw lyrics that explore themes of ambition, street life, and personal growth. The EP features collaborations with artists such as LilYerm, TrapMoneyT, and Guapoxshift, adding depth and variety to the project.

The EP opens with “Red Water,” a track that sets the tone with its hard-hitting beat and Yung Zeke’s signature flow. “Bust It Freestyle” features LilYerm and delivers an infectious, upbeat vibe that will have listeners hooked from the start.

“Pop Up Wit Choppas” showcases Yung Zeke’s lyrical prowess and ability to craft memorable verses over a head-nodding beat. The intensity continues with “Idgaf,” a no-nonsense track that highlights the rapper’s unapologetic attitude and determination to succeed.

Track 5, “15,” features TrapMoneyT and serves as an anthem for ambition and the relentless pursuit of success. The EP closes with “Str8 2 Da Top,” a collaboration with TrapMoneyT and Guapoxshift that encapsulates the overall theme of the project – the unwavering drive to take control and rise to the top.

“Take Control, Vol. 1” is a powerful debut from Yung Zeke, showcasing his talent as a rapper and his ability to create engaging, high-energy tracks. Fans of street-oriented hip-hop and those who appreciate raw, unfiltered lyrics will find this EP a captivating listen. With its diverse features and strong production, “Take Control, Vol. 1” is a solid foundation for Yung Zeke’s promising career.



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