Yung We$t – All Or Nothing


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1 All Or Nothing 04:00
Featuring – Kev Da Khemist
2 Focused 04:24
Featuring – Edi Don
3 #1000 03:06
4 ‘Bout Me 03:28
Featuring – Show Banga
5 Hell Nah 02:38
Featuring – Stoney Tha Dealer
6 Naggin’ 03:27
7 Bluffin’ 05:02
Featuring – Yung Blu, No Good, Glasses Malone
8 I’m From L.A. 04:11
9 #1000 (Remix) [Bonus Track] 03:08
Featuring – Mac Lucci


“All Or Nothing” is an EP project by rapper Yung We$t, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on May 10, 2016, by Los Angeles Based Records, the EP features a lineup of prominent collaborators such as Kev Da Khemist, Edi Don, Show Banga, Stoney Tha Dealer, Yung Blu, No Good, Glasses Malone, and Mac Lucci. This project highlights Yung We$t’s versatile rap style and his ability to create catchy hooks and memorable beats.

Throughout the nine tracks on “All Or Nothing,” Yung We$t showcases his lyrical prowess and storytelling skills, weaving tales of life on the streets of Los Angeles while delivering powerful messages about ambition and resilience. The EP begins with the titular track “All Or Nothing,” featuring Kev Da Khemist, which sets the tone for the rest of the project.

Standout tracks include “Focused,” featuring Edi Don, where Yung We$t’s determination to succeed in the rap game is evident, and “‘Bout Me,” featuring Show Banga, a track with an infectious hook that showcases both artists’ talent. “Hell Nah,” featuring Stoney Tha Dealer, further demonstrates Yung We$t’s ability to collaborate effectively, creating a track that is both engaging and memorable.

One of the highlights of the EP is “Bluffin’,” featuring Yung Blu, No Good, and Glasses Malone. This track showcases the chemistry between these artists, with each delivering impressive verses over a captivating beat. The EP concludes with a bonus remix of “#1000,” featuring Mac Lucci, adding an extra touch of energy to the project.

Overall, “All Or Nothing” is a strong EP that highlights Yung We$t’s potential as an up-and-coming artist in the hip-hop scene. With a range of talented collaborators and a unique style, Yung We$t’s “All Or Nothing” is a must-listen for fans of West Coast rap and hip-hop enthusiasts in general.



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