Young Pook – Real In The Field


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1 Real In The Field 02:46
Featuring – Lewie Ville
2 Do What I Do 02:09
Featuring – King Nooch
3 Never Be A Rat 01:15
4 Back To The Money 02:48
Featuring – Bolo
5 Projexxx 03:06
6 No Mo 02:46
7 Got Work 02:25
Featuring – Deandre Summerville
8 Rock 01:28
9 Count Money 02:22
Featuring – King Nooch
10 I Don’t Know 03:53


“Real In The Field” is a compelling project by Fairfield-based rapper Young Pook. Released on January 27, 2017, through Young Pook Productions and Hallway Muzik, the album showcases Young Pook’s exceptional rapping skills, gritty lyrics, and catchy hooks. With ten tracks that delve into life’s struggles and the hustle to make it, “Real In The Field” resonates with fans of raw, authentic hip-hop.

The album kicks off with the title track, “Real In The Field,” featuring Lewie Ville. The powerful opener sets the tone for the project, highlighting Young Pook’s ability to paint vivid pictures of life in the streets with his lyrics.

“Do What I Do” follows, featuring King Nooch and a hard-hitting beat that perfectly complements the duo’s aggressive rhymes. The track showcases their commitment to the grind and their resilience in the face of adversity.

“Never Be A Rat” serves as a declaration of loyalty and integrity, emphasizing Young Pook’s dedication to staying true to his principles.

“Back To The Money,” featuring Bolo, is an anthemic ode to the hustle and the pursuit of success, while “Projexxx” delves into the realities of growing up in tough environments.

“No Mo” showcases Young Pook’s determination to break free from the struggles that have held him back, and “Got Work,” featuring Deandre Summerville, demonstrates the hustle and grind necessary to make it in the game.

“Rock,” “Count Money” featuring King Nooch, and “I Don’t Know” round out the album, offering a mix of introspective and motivational tracks that showcase Young Pook’s versatility as an artist.

“Real In The Field” is an authentic and engaging project that showcases Young Pook’s unique voice in the world of hip-hop. With its gritty lyrics and memorable beats, the album is sure to resonate with fans of raw, real-life storytelling.



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