XLG Official – Amusement Trap 2


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1 Diamonds 03:10
2 Favorite Trappa 03:21
Featuring – Peewee Longway
3 Freak Nique 04:56
Featuring – K Camp, Reese Laflare
4 Nana 03:29
5 Roddy Poppin 03:03
6 Love Love Love 03:04
7 African Drip 02:39
8 Paper 03:09


“Amusement Trap 2” is a dynamic and captivating project by Maryland-based rapper XLG Official, released on February 8, 2020, under the PHD Mafia MG label. The album showcases XLG Official’s diverse style and features collaborations with notable artists like Peewee Longway, K Camp, and Reese Laflare.

The 8-track project starts off with “Diamonds,” a catchy tune that immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its infectious beat and memorable hook. “Favorite Trappa,” featuring Peewee Longway, builds on the momentum with a smooth collaboration that highlights the chemistry between the two artists.

“Freak Nique” brings together XLG Official, K Camp, and Reese Laflare, creating a high-energy track that showcases each artist’s unique style and contribution. “Nana” follows, offering a more introspective look at the rapper’s thoughts and experiences.

“Roddy Poppin” and “Love Love Love” continue the album’s exploration of diverse themes, with XLG Official demonstrating his versatility as a rapper and lyricist. “African Drip” adds a touch of cultural flavor to the project, while the closing track, “Paper,” serves as a fitting finale, encapsulating the album’s overall energy and vibe.

Throughout “Amusement Trap 2,” XLG Official exhibits his talent for crafting engaging songs that resonate with listeners. The project’s combination of captivating beats, memorable hooks, and standout collaborations make it a must-listen for fans of the genre.

Experience the diverse sounds and styles of XLG Official with “Amusement Trap 2,” featuring collaborations with Peewee Longway, K Camp, and Reese Laflare.



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