Westside Neighbors – Wood Work


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1 Westside Neighbors 04:39
2 We Parley 04:05
3 Woodside Manor 04:23
4 Inglewood Riders 04:07
5 Play’n Me Close 05:10
6 Old School “Style” – Skit 01:25
7 Can’t F*ck Wit Us 03:59
8 I Know Where U Live 03:55
9 What’s My World Com’n To 04:26
10 Ghetto Momma 04:42
11 Dirty Kurt 06:05
12 Here It Is 05:01
13 Duke Shot – Skit 02:01
14 She’s A Hoe 04:11
15 Romanc’n Da Bone 04:38
16 Hustle And Stay True 04:30
17 Hocus Pocus 03:50


“Wood Work” is the one and only studio album by the rap group Westside Neighbors, hailing from Inglewood, California. Released in 2002 by The Bent Sombrero, Inc., this album is a showcase of the group’s gangsta rap style and West Coast hip-hop roots.

The 17-track album begins with the self-titled track “Westside Neighbors,” setting the tone for the entire project. Tracks like “We Parley,” “Woodside Manor,” and “Inglewood Riders” showcase the group’s regional pride and connection to their Inglewood origins. Throughout the album, listeners are taken on a journey through the gritty streets of Inglewood, with songs such as “Play’n Me Close,” “I Know Where U Live,” and “What’s My World Com’n To” painting a vivid picture of life in the area.

Adding variety to the album, tracks like “Old School ‘Style’ – Skit” and “Duke Shot – Skit” feature skits that provide a break from the heavier themes found in other songs. The album also includes tracks like “Ghetto Momma” and “Romanc’n Da Bone,” which explore different aspects of life and relationships in the urban landscape.

The production on “Wood Work” is helmed by Binky Mack, with co-production credits going to Big Breeze and Yung Mel. Their combined efforts result in an album that boasts the classic West Coast sound, defined by its funky beats and heavy basslines.

Despite being the group’s only studio album, “Wood Work” stands as a testament to Westside Neighbors’ unique sound and their place in West Coast hip-hop history.



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