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1 Bird Birdbeat Intro 00:28
2 Unit One Poetry Stone Groove 03:51
3 Supernatural Thang Blow The Roof Off 04:25
4 Vooodu! Nasty Nigga 03:15
5 Bird Birdbeat #2 01:37
6 Unit One Poetry Droppin’ Poetry 03:01
7 Supernatural Thang The Puzzle 03:13
8 Bird Birdbeat #3 00:35
9 Vooodu! Voodu! 03:21
10 Bird Bird’s Eye View 03:53
11 Bird Birdbeat Outro 01:37
12 Bird The Sound Will Never Die 00:07


“True Sound Sampler” is a unique compilation project featuring various artists from the hip-hop scene. Recorded in 1992 and released under the True Sound label (TSCD 001), this sampler showcases the talents of Unit One Poetry, Supernatural Thang, and Vooodu!. The album consists of 12 tracks that highlight the different styles and talents of these emerging artists.

The album opens with “Birdbeat Intro” by Bird, setting the stage for the diverse tracks that follow. Unit One Poetry delivers a smooth and captivating performance on “Stone Groove” and “Droppin’ Poetry,” showcasing their lyricism and delivery. Supernatural Thang brings an energetic vibe to the sampler with “Blow The Roof Off” and “The Puzzle,” demonstrating their ability to craft catchy hooks and verses.

Vooodu!, another talented artist featured on the sampler, presents their unique style on “Nasty Nigga” and “Voodu!” These tracks showcase Vooodu!’s distinct flow and clever wordplay, adding to the overall richness of the album. Bird contributes multiple tracks to the project, including “Birdbeat #2,” “Birdbeat #3,” “Bird’s Eye View,” and “Birdbeat Outro,” providing a cohesive thread that ties the sampler together.

In addition to the individual tracks by the featured artists, “True Sound Sampler” includes a bonus track, “The Sound Will Never Die,” by Bird. This track serves as a testament to the enduring power of hip-hop and its ability to inspire and captivate audiences.

“True Sound Sampler” is an exceptional compilation that showcases the talents of various artists in the early 1990s hip-hop scene. With its diverse range of styles and themes, this sampler offers a snapshot of the creative energy and innovation that defined the genre during this period.



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