Various – Latin Lingo, Vol. 2: Hip-Hop From La Raza


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1 Proper Dos On & On 05:11
2 Proper Dos Firme Hina 04:03
3 Paper Boy Ditty 04:03
4 Latin Alliance, War Lowrider (On The Boulevard) 04:48
5 Proper Dos Geto Baseball 03:31
6 Kid Frost Thin Line 06:04
7 Hi-C, Tony A Sitting In The Park 03:29
8 Candyman Knockin’ Boots 03:55
9 Sir Devoe Left Side 03:18
10 Krazy Dee Manos Arriba! 03:53
11 Denay Two For The Time 03:54
12 Mr. Lyrik Te Quiero 04:07


“Latin Lingo, Vol. 2: Hip-Hop From La Raza” is a compilation album that celebrates the vibrant and diverse contributions of Latin artists to the hip-hop genre. Released on April 15, 1997, by Rhino Records and Skanless Records, this album showcases the talent of artists such as Proper Dos, Paper Boy, Latin Alliance, War, Kid Frost, Hi-C, Tony A, Candyman, Sir Devoe, Krazy Dee, Denay, and Mr. Lyrik.

The album opens with Proper Dos’ “On And On,” setting the stage for a collection of songs that capture the essence of Latin hip-hop in various styles, from pop rap and funk to RnB, new jack swing, and gangsta rap. Proper Dos is featured prominently on this compilation, with tracks like “Firme Hina” and “Geto Baseball” showcasing their unique style and lyricism.

Paper Boy’s “Ditty” is an upbeat, catchy tune that adds a lively energy to the mix. Latin Alliance teams up with War for “Lowrider (On The Boulevard),” a groovy homage to cruising culture. Kid Frost’s “Thin Line” brings a smooth, laid-back vibe to the compilation.

Hi-C and Tony A collaborate on the nostalgic “Sitting In The Park,” while Candyman’s “Knockin’ Boots” offers a taste of RnB flavor. Sir Devoe’s “Left Side” and Krazy Dee’s “Manos Arriba!” keep the energy high, while Denay’s “Two For The Time” and Mr. Lyrik’s “Te Quiero” serve as previously unreleased gems that round out the album.

“Latin Lingo, Vol. 2: Hip-Hop From La Raza” is a testament to the creativity and influence of Latin artists within the hip-hop community. This compilation is a must-listen for anyone interested in exploring the diverse range of styles and sounds that these talented artists have to offer.



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