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1 Young City Dhg Welcome To My Hood Dhg 03:03
2 Sosa Dogghabit Dhg Scrappers 02:41
3 Bluminati Dhg San Bernardino California Dhg 02:24
4 Big Mayne Dhg Too Many Chiefs 02:30
5 Ty Tha Sanger Dhg Hustle Stay True Dhg 03:09
6 Junkboy Ray Dhg With Tha Lights On 03:11
7 Young Havoc Dhg Dhg Everybody Changed Up 02:41
8 Blak Lazarous Dhg Dhg Focus 03:30
9 Tramel White Dhg Dhg Laundromat 03:44
10 Juan C Dhg All Of It Dhg 03:09
Featuring – Badhabit
11 Dogghabit Yog Dhg Struggle For A Little While 05:11
Featuring – Badhabit
12 Lati Soolo Dhg Dhg No Homey, No Sidechick 03:43
13 Lovey Dhg Come Fight Me Dhg 02:57
14 Alica Dhg Soft Kisses Dhg 03:33
15 Badhabit Shopping For A Masiti 04:59
16 Lajuan Dhg Dhg Bite Conceded 02:43
17 Sav Young Dhg Everyday Dhg 04:02
18 Habit Boyz We Do It In Tha Late Night 03:34
Featuring – Ric Roc, Baby Boy, Badhabit, Mac, Cizzle


Dogghabit Records,Vol.1 is a must-have compilation album for hip-hop lovers. Released on June 10, 2017, by Dogghabit Records, the album features various artists such as Young City Dhg, Sosa Dogghabit, Bluminati Dhg, Big Mayne Dhg, Ty Tha Sanger Dhg, and others.

The album consists of 18 tracks and a total playtime of 60 minutes. Each track has a unique beat and an impressive flow that showcases the talent of the artists on the album. The opening track, “Welcome To My Hood Dhg” by Young City Dhg, sets the tone for the album, with a catchy hook and some smooth rhymes.

Other standout tracks include “Hustle Stay True Dhg” by Ty Tha Sanger Dhg, “Dhg Everybody Changed Up” by Young Havoc Dhg, “Dhg Focus” by Blak Lazarous Dhg, and “Everyday Dhg” by Sav Young Dhg. The album also includes collaborations such as “All Of It Dhg” by Juan C Dhg featuring Badhabit and “Dhg Struggle For A Little While” by Dogghabit Yog featuring Badhabit.

The production on the album is top-notch, with each track carefully crafted to highlight the strengths of the artists. The beats are a mix of classic West Coast and modern trap, providing a diverse soundscape for listeners.

Overall, Dogghabit Records,Vol.1 is a fantastic showcase of the talent signed to Dogghabit Records. It’s an album that’s sure to impress any fan of hip-hop, and a great introduction to the label’s roster of talented artists.



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