V1c & Mistah F.A.B. – It’s Y’all Fault I’m Rich


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1 Dope Era (Intro) 01:22
Featuring – Funkycyco
2 Eerware We Go 03:05
Featuring – Funkycyco
3 Up And Down 04:02
Featuring – Money B
4 Run It Up 03:21
Featuring – Melly James
5 Check This Out 03:23
Featuring – Ras Kass, Funkycyco
6 Million In Cash 03:00
Featuring – Mr. Handsome Buck$
7 Stick 2 The Script 02:01
8 Piece Of The Pie 03:27
Featuring – Shock G
9 Back Gate 04:21
Featuring – Numskull, Lee Majors
10 510 03:25
Featuring – Limo G
11 Stack Mode 04:12
Featuring – L30
12 Yfwa 03:21


“It’s Y’all Fault I’m Rich” is a hard-hitting mixtape project by Oakland, California rappers V1c and Mistah F.A.B., released on July 4, 2018, through V1c Studios. The mixtape boasts an impressive lineup of features, including Funkycyco, Money B, Melly James, Ras Kass, Mr. Handsome Buck$, Shock G, Numskull, Lee Majors, Limo G, and L30. The mixtape is characterized by its West Coast sound, bold lyrics, and infectious beats.

The mixtape starts strong with “Dope Era (Intro)” featuring Funkycyco, setting the tone for the project. “Eerware We Go” keeps the energy going, with Funkycyco making another appearance alongside V1c and Mistah F.A.B. Money B lends his talents on “Up And Down,” a track with a smooth beat and catchy hook.

“Run It Up” featuring Melly James showcases the duo’s ability to create melodic rap tracks that still hit hard. Ras Kass and Funkycyco join forces with V1c and Mistah F.A.B. on “Check This Out,” delivering powerful verses that highlight their skills as lyricists.

“Million In Cash” sees Mr. Handsome Buck$ hopping on the track, adding his distinct style to the mix. “Stick 2 The Script” serves as a reminder of the duo’s commitment to their craft. Shock G’s feature on “Piece Of The Pie” offers a nostalgic feel, while “Back Gate” brings Numskull and Lee Majors together for a West Coast anthem.

“510” features Limo G, adding another layer of depth to the mixtape, while “Stack Mode” with L30 keeps the energy high. The mixtape concludes with “Yfwa,” a solid ending to a dynamic and engaging project.

“It’s Y’all Fault I’m Rich” is a must-listen for fans of West Coast rap and showcases the undeniable talent of V1c and Mistah F.A.B.



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