Trenchgod – Dichotomy


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1 Yntroducshyn 01:15
2 N La 03:36
3 4 Tha 1st 03:27
4 Ready 03:35
5 Tha 7day Theory 02:50
6 Dichotomy 04:12
7 No Where 03:21
8 Ghetto Pass 03:53
9 1 Thug 03:57
10 Consequence 04:06
11 Drama 04:23
12 4 Ma Niggaz 04:15
13 Outroducshyn 02:35
14 Cstyle 04:31


“Dichotomy” is a powerful album by Los Angeles-based rapper Trenchgod, released on January 7, 2009, by Steve Jackson. With 14 thought-provoking tracks, the album delves into the complexities of life and explores various themes, including loyalty, personal struggles, and the human experience.

The album begins with “Yntroducshyn,” a brief introduction that sets the tone for the project. “N La” follows, showcasing Trenchgod’s signature storytelling and wordplay as he navigates the streets of Los Angeles. “4 Tha 1st” and “Ready” demonstrate Trenchgod’s ability to switch between styles and deliver hard-hitting verses over a variety of beats.

“Tha 7day Theory” and the title track “Dichotomy” explore deeper themes of duality and the human experience, highlighting Trenchgod’s introspective side. “No Where” and “Ghetto Pass” provide a raw and honest portrayal of street life and its challenges, while “1 Thug” and “Consequence” reflect on the consequences of one’s actions.

“Drama” is a vivid storytelling track that captures the tension and emotion of Trenchgod’s experiences, while “4 Ma Niggaz” serves as a tribute to his close friends and supporters. The album concludes with “Outroducshyn,” a reflective piece that offers a glimpse into the artist’s state of mind, and “Cstyle,” a track that showcases Trenchgod’s lyrical prowess and distinctive flow.

Overall, “Dichotomy” is an insightful and captivating album that takes listeners on a journey through Trenchgod’s unique perspective on life. With its diverse range of tracks and themes, the album stands as a testament to Trenchgod’s growth as an artist and his commitment to producing authentic and thought-provoking music.

Throughout “Dichotomy,” Trenchgod demonstrates not only his technical skills as a rapper but also his ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level. The album’s production, handled by Steve Jackson, complements Trenchgod’s distinct voice and brings an added layer of depth to the project.

The album’s standout tracks, such as “Dichotomy” and “Tha 7day Theory,” showcase Trenchgod’s ability to tackle complex subjects and engage listeners with thought-provoking lyrics. His vivid storytelling and introspective approach set him apart from other artists in the genre, solidifying his place as a creative force in the world of hip-hop.

“Dichotomy” is a testament to Trenchgod’s growth as an artist and the evolution of his sound. The album is a must-listen for fans of Trenchgod and anyone looking for a fresh, authentic take on hip-hop. With its diverse range of tracks and themes, “Dichotomy” is an album that will resonate with listeners long after the final track has played.



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