Tre’ Staxx – Far From Perfect


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1 Mo’ Money Mo’ Problemz 03:14
2 Fa’ Nothin’ 04:36
3 Stackz 02:59
Featuring – Magnolia Chop, Icy
4 Everybody Wanna Kno 04:14
5 I Can’t Be 05:23
6 Real Fake Niggaz 03:41
7 Follow Or Die A Leader 03:15
8 iDont Givva Fukk 03:37
9 Be N Luv 04:12
10 Bitch I’m Grindin’ 03:14
Featuring – Teflon Toine
11 Fa’ Tha 04:46
Featuring – Fresh Homie, Teflon Toine
12 Da Bizness 03:25
13 Shut This Bitch Down 02:56
14 Just Grindin’ 02:41
15 Tell The Truth 04:10


Far From Perfect is a hard-hitting mixtape by Sacramento-based rapper Tre’ Staxx, self-released on February 18, 2019. This project highlights the artist’s introspective lyricism and gritty, streetwise sound. Far From Perfect features collaborations with Magnolia Chop, Icy, Teflon Toine, and Fresh Homie, further enriching the mixtape’s sonic landscape.

The mixtape kicks off with “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problemz,” setting the tone for the project with a focus on the challenges that come with success. “Fa’ Nothin'” follows, showcasing Tre’ Staxx’s ability to weave compelling narratives through his lyrics.

“Stackz,” featuring Magnolia Chop and Icy, adds a collaborative element to the mixtape, highlighting the chemistry between these artists. The project continues with “Everybody Wanna Kno” and “I Can’t Be,” offering listeners a deeper look into Tre’ Staxx’s personal experiences and perspectives.

“Real Fake Niggaz” and “Follow Or Die A Leader” touch on themes of authenticity and leadership, while “iDont Givva Fukk” exudes an unapologetic, defiant energy. “Be N Luv” and “Bitch I’m Grindin’,” featuring Teflon Toine, showcase the artist’s versatility and dedication to his craft.

The mixtape wraps up with “Fa’ Tha,” featuring Fresh Homie and Teflon Toine, “Da Bizness,” “Shut This Bitch Down,” “Just Grindin’,” and “Tell The Truth,” leaving listeners with a comprehensive understanding of Tre’ Staxx’s artistic vision and prowess.

Far From Perfect is a testament to Tre’ Staxx’s growth as an artist and his ability to create captivating, authentic music that resonates with fans of hip-hop and beyond.



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