Thonio – The ’58 Prequel


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1 A.wesome Morning 01:46
2 B.lue Green 03:12
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3 03:48
Featuring – Marc Bishop
4 D.own South 04:31
Featuring – Marc Bishop
5 F.oolish 03:23
Featuring – Marc Bishop
6 E.levator Music 05:14
Featuring – Marc Bishop
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7 G.rind 02:44
Featuring – Naehollowz
8 H.ustle At It 02:50
Featuring – Naehollowz


“The ’58 Prequel” is a dynamic mixtape by Thonio, an up-and-coming rapper from Little Rock, Arkansas. Released on January 1, 2018, under Skitzso Society L.L.C., this project showcases Thonio’s lyrical prowess and features collaborations with Marc Bishop and Naehollowz.

The mixtape kicks off with “A.wesome Morning,” a refreshing and energetic track that sets the stage for the rest of the project. Thonio continues to impress with “B.lue Green,” a song that highlights his distinctive flow and clever wordplay.

Thonio’s chemistry with Marc Bishop is evident throughout the mixtape, as they collaborate on four tracks: “,” “D.own South,” “F.oolish,” and “E.levator Music.” These collaborations showcase their complementary styles and the seamless blending of their talents.

Naehollowz joins Thonio for two tracks, “G.rind” and “H.ustle At It,” adding another layer of depth to the mixtape. Together, they deliver memorable verses that underscore their shared dedication to the grind and hustle of the music industry.

Throughout “The ’58 Prequel,” Thonio demonstrates his versatility as a rapper, seamlessly transitioning between introspective tracks and high-energy anthems. The mixtape is a testament to Thonio’s growth as an artist and serves as an exciting introduction to his unique sound and style.



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