The Wacsta – Westcoast Resurrected


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1 Gangstaz 04:54
Featuring – Kokaine
2 Hiphopra 05:07
Featuring – Mr. Short Khop
3 N-da-Land 04:52
Featuring – C-Bo, Kokaine
4 Popn 04:44
Featuring – C-Nasty
5 Skit 00:30
6 Reality 04:57
Featuring – Jayo Felony, Spice 1, WC
7 For The Mind 04:02
8 We Get Down 03:40
Featuring – Tash
9 Federal 04:59
Featuring – Kokaine
10 No Games 03:00
11 Street Life 04:46
12 Mr Game 04:26
Featuring – C-Nasty, Too Short
13 Str8 G 03:45
14 Plite Of Life 04:44
Featuring – Big Bro, J Roc
15 Feel Me 03:16
16 Round And Round 04:00
17 Outro 04:24


“Westcoast Resurrected” is a 2004 hip-hop album by The Wacsta, a rapper hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released by We Whit It Entertainment, the album boasts an impressive lineup of guest artists and exemplifies the classic West Coast hip-hop sound. The Wacsta’s lyrical prowess is evident throughout the album as he collaborates with renowned names in the industry, including Kokaine, Mr. Short Khop, C-Bo, C-Nasty, Jayo Felony, Spice 1, WC, Tash, Too Short, Big Bro, and J Roc.

The album consists of 17 tracks that showcase The Wacsta’s talent and commitment to the West Coast hip-hop scene. From gritty street anthems to introspective songs that delve into the struggles and triumphs of life, “Westcoast Resurrected” is a testament to The Wacsta’s ability to create memorable music with a classic hip-hop vibe.

Notable collaborations on the album include “Reality,” which features heavyweights Jayo Felony, Spice 1, and WC, and “Mr Game,” a collaboration with C-Nasty and legendary rapper Too Short. The album also includes introspective tracks such as “For The Mind” and “Feel Me,” which highlight The Wacsta’s depth as an artist.

“Westcoast Resurrected” is an album that pays homage to the West Coast’s golden era of hip-hop while also showcasing The Wacsta’s unique style and storytelling abilities. For fans of classic West Coast hip-hop and those looking for a fresh voice in the genre, “Westcoast Resurrected” is a must-listen.



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