The Lova – Come And Get A Taste


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1 Intro 00:47
2 Can I Play Wit Your Yo Yo 05:31
3 Come And Get A Taste 06:46
4 It’s Time 06:10
5 Slam On 04:53
6 Outro 01:29


“Come And Get A Taste” is an extremely rare EP release by rapper The Lova from East Palo Alto, California. Released in 1993 by Leedog Records, the EP features a blend of hip-hop styles, showcasing The Lova’s versatility as an artist.

The EP consists of six tracks, starting with an introductory track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Can I Play Wit Your Yo Yo” is a playful and catchy tune, while the title track “Come And Get A Taste” offers a smooth and inviting groove for listeners to enjoy.

“It’s Time” is a more reflective track, giving insight into The Lova’s thoughts on life and his journey in the music industry. “Slam On” picks up the pace with a lively beat and energetic flow, showcasing The Lova’s ability to switch between different styles with ease. The EP concludes with an outro, wrapping up the listening experience on a high note.

“Come And Get A Taste” is a testament to The Lova’s talent, featuring all music and vocals by Ervan Rushing (Yank Dogg), and despite its rarity, the EP is a must-have for fans of early ’90s West Coast hip-hop. Its unique blend of styles and engaging tracks make it a memorable addition to any hip-hop collection.



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