The Ghetto Dynasty – What’s The Name Of Yo Hood?


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1 Ghetto Intro 01:04
2 Anti-Pimp 02:42
3 Are you Down 03:53
4 Run Nigga Run 01:26
5 You’re Busted 01:03
6 Stop Frontin 04:08
7 The Welfare Song (Food Stamps, Food Stamps) 01:30
8 I’m Not A Trick 04:08
9 The V.D. Hotline 00:36
10 What’s The Name Of Yo Hood? 02:52
11 The Phone Call 00:46
12 Get Ya Swerve On 03:29
13 Kflx Radio With Chris Talley 00:38
14 Fat Nasty Hoochie 01:36
15 Bob Yo Head Like A Chicken 04:03
Featuring – L.A. Sno
16 For The Player In You 04:22
17 Put One Leg In The Air 04:59
Featuring – Players Inc.


“What’s The Name Of Yo Hood?” is the only studio album by the rap group The Ghetto Dynasty, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on May 20, 1997, by Ruff Neck Records, this 17-track album is a classic representation of the West Coast hip-hop scene in the late 90s. With G-Funk and Gangsta styles infused throughout, The Ghetto Dynasty delivers an album filled with raw storytelling, catchy hooks, and hard-hitting beats.

The album kicks off with “Ghetto Intro,” a track that sets the stage for the gritty tales to follow. Songs like “Anti-Pimp,” “Are You Down,” and “Run Nigga Run” showcase the group’s fierce lyrical skills, while tracks like “You’re Busted” and “Stop Frontin” highlight their ability to craft memorable hooks over infectious grooves.

On “The Welfare Song (Food Stamps, Food Stamps),” The Ghetto Dynasty addresses social issues with a satirical spin, displaying their versatility as artists. “I’m Not A Trick” and “The V.D. Hotline” continue this trend, exploring the seedier side of street life with unapologetic honesty.

The title track, “What’s The Name Of Yo Hood?,” is a standout anthem that captures the essence of West Coast hip-hop, paying homage to their roots. Collaborations with L.A. Sno on “Bob Yo Head Like A Chicken” and Players Inc. on “Put One Leg In The Air” bring additional flavor to the album, showcasing the group’s ability to work seamlessly with other talented artists.

Other notable tracks include “Get Ya Swerve On” and “For The Player In You,” both of which embody the swagger and attitude that defines West Coast rap. The skits, like “Kflx Radio With Chris Talley” and “The Phone Call,” add a touch of humor and help to create a cohesive listening experience that keeps the audience engaged throughout.

The production on “What’s The Name Of Yo Hood?” is handled by K-Flex, who crafts a diverse soundscape that complements the group’s dynamic storytelling. Ken Talley lends his skills on the keyboards, while Tariq serves as the executive producer, ensuring that the album maintains its high quality from start to finish.

“What’s The Name Of Yo Hood?” is a testament to The Ghetto Dynasty’s unique approach to West Coast hip-hop, offering listeners a glimpse into their world through a collection of gritty stories and unforgettable hooks.



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