Swendal – Whats The Swendal


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1 Onna Swendal 01:52
2 Faded 03:22
Featuring – Teeflii, Kurupt
3 Caviar Gold 03:19
4 Burberry Swag 02:32
Featuring – Dad Owe
5 Booda Bonds Calls In 01:18
6 25 / 7 04:07
7 Carolina Blue Kicks 03:59
8 Gotta Get My Chips Back 04:09
9 Whip & A Plug: Humble Beginnings 03:12
Featuring – New Jacc
10 Shake That 03:20
11 We Could 04:44
Featuring – Roach Killa, Hale Yeah, Domo Gudda
12 No Questions 03:45
13 Big Drawls 05:07
14 Swendal Music 05:14
15 What My Shit Cost 04:02
Featuring – Lil Flash
16 Blue Moon 01:51
17 Box Chevy 04:23
18 Real Like That 03:37
Featuring – Roscoe, Pico Lewch, Keefa Black
19 Star Bight 03:25
20 Legal Money 04:33
Featuring – Worldwide P, Kurupt, B Trouble
21 Rain Negus 03:58
22 Whatever Y’all Wanna Do 04:45
23 Holla @ Me 03:05
24 No One Knows 04:42
Featuring – Uiie Popcorn, Fifty, 38 Special
25 Lets Get It 04:39
Featuring – Uiie Popcorn, Hale Yeah, Dad Owe


“Whats The Swendal” is an ambitious project by rapper Swendal, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on August 28, 2015, under Acrimoney Entertainment, this tape boasts an impressive array of features from artists such as Teeflii, Kurupt, Dad Owe, New Jacc, Roach Killa, Hale Yeah, Domo Gudda, Lil Flash, Roscoe, Pico Lewch, Keefa Black, Worldwide P, B Trouble, Uiie Popcorn, Fifty, and 38 Special.

Kicking off with “Onna Swendal,” the mixtape immediately sets the tone with its infectious beat and catchy lyrics. “Faded,” featuring Teeflii and Kurupt, is a smooth, laid-back track that highlights Swendal’s versatility as an artist. “Caviar Gold” and “Burberry Swag” (featuring Dad Owe) showcase Swendal’s unique style and love for high-end fashion.

“Booda Bonds Calls In” is a brief interlude that adds a personal touch to the project, while “25 / 7” and “Carolina Blue Kicks” demonstrate Swendal’s relentless work ethic and passion for the finer things in life. “Gotta Get My Chips Back” is a compelling track about overcoming setbacks and staying focused on one’s goals.

“Whip & A Plug: Humble Beginnings” featuring New Jacc is a gritty anthem for those who started from the bottom and fought their way to success. The tape continues to deliver high-energy tracks like “Shake That” and “We Could,” featuring Roach Killa, Hale Yeah, and Domo Gudda, while songs like “No Questions” and “Big Drawls” showcase Swendal’s braggadocious side.

“Swendal Music” and “What My Shit Cost” (featuring Lil Flash) are self-assured anthems that celebrate Swendal’s unique sound and rising status in the rap game. The mixtape closes with several memorable collaborations, including “Real Like That,” “Legal Money,” “No One Knows,” and “Lets Get It,” featuring an array of talented artists who contribute to the project’s undeniable swagger and energy.

In conclusion, “Whats The Swendal” is a diverse and captivating mixtape that showcases Swendal’s undeniable talent, versatility, and commitment to his craft. With its powerful lineup of features and wide range of tracks, this project is a must-listen for fans of authentic West Coast hip-hop.



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