Street Knowledge – Trillafornia


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1 What’s Hattnin, What’s Up 02:11
2 Smoke Good, Eat Good 03:26
3 Really Mobbin 02:27
Featuring – Dubb 20
4 Modb 04:15
5 40 Witta 30 02:52
6 Tonight 02:52
Featuring – Joe Blow
7 Smokehouse 04:28
Featuring – Berner, C Plus
8 Po Up A Cup 04:05
9 Smoking Loud (Rip Nate Dogg) 02:52
10 Nasty Girl 02:42
11 Crazy 04:32
12 Bang Bang Whoop 03:27
Featuring – Nardy Bo
13 Indo 04:34
14 Eso 02:52
Featuring – Joe Blow


Trillafornia is a mixtape by rapper Street Knowledge, hailing from Oakland, California. The album was released in 2014 by Nu Munnie Records / BNK Consulting and features collaborations with Dubb 20, Joe Blow, Berner, and others.

The album kicks off with the intro track “What’s Hattnin, What’s Up,” setting the tone for the project with a catchy beat and memorable hook. “Smoke Good, Eat Good” follows, with Street Knowledge showcasing his lyrical prowess over a laid-back instrumental.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Smokehouse,” featuring Berner and C Plus. The trio deliver smooth flows and clever wordplay over a hard-hitting beat, making for a track that’s sure to get heads nodding.

Other notable tracks include “Really Mobbin,” which features Dubb 20 and boasts an infectious chorus, and “Tonight,” featuring Joe Blow and showcasing Street Knowledge’s ability to craft a catchy, radio-friendly hook.

Overall, Trillafornia is a solid project that showcases Street Knowledge’s skills as a rapper and features a range of talented collaborators. Whether you’re a fan of Bay Area rap or just looking for some new music to bump, this mixtape is definitely worth a listen.



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