Star D – Gangsta Life


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1 Gangsta Life (Radio Version) 04:57
2 Gangsta Life (Instrumental) 05:09
3 Gangsta Life (Trebug Mix) 05:10
4 Down 04:42


“Gangsta Life” is an extremely rare single released by Phoenix-based rapper Star D, also known as Star Barksdale, on November 12, 1996. This single is distributed by Twin Records and Harvest Music, making it a highly sought-after collectible among hip-hop enthusiasts. The CD single features four tracks, showcasing Star D’s gangsta rap style and his skills as a producer.

The single opens with the radio version of “Gangsta Life,” a hard-hitting track with gritty lyrics reflecting the realities of street life. Star D’s raw, powerful delivery is complemented by a heavy, bass-driven beat that captures the essence of ’90s gangsta rap. The second track is the instrumental version of “Gangsta Life,” allowing listeners to fully appreciate the production and composition of the song.

The third track, “Gangsta Life (Trebug Mix),” offers a unique take on the original with a slightly different beat and arrangement. This remix adds a new dimension to the song, highlighting Star D’s versatility as an artist and producer.

Rounding out the single is “Down,” another hard-hitting gangsta rap track that showcases Star D’s lyrical prowess and ability to paint vivid pictures with his words. Engineer Ron Gresham and mastering engineer Johnny Z have helped shape the track’s sound, resulting in a polished, professional-quality recording.

Though Star D may not have achieved widespread recognition, “Gangsta Life” remains a testament to his talent and the vibrant hip-hop scene of Phoenix, Arizona in the ’90s. As a member of the group Notorious Niggazz, Star D’s contribution to hip-hop is both rare and cherished by those who have had the opportunity to hear it.



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