Spanky Loco – Young Gunnerz


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1 Intro 00:35
2 All Gangsta 03:02
3 We’re 1 03:48
4 Gimme Gimme 03:18
5 You Aint Really Knowing 03:52
6 Let Em Ring Out 03:28
7 Was In Wax 03:03
8 I Gotta Get Paid 03:20
9 Drinkin And Chokin 03:53
10 Mack 90 03:01
11 Ain’t No Love 03:43
12 Get With It 03:45
13 Outro 00:53


“Young Gunnerz” is a hard-hitting album by Los Angeles-based rapper Spanky Loco, released on February 24, 2017, under The Real 310 West Ent label. The 13-track project showcases Spanky Loco’s gritty, raw lyrical style, and his ability to craft engaging stories that resonate with fans of gangsta rap.

The album opens with a brief “Intro,” setting the tone for the heavy-hitting tracks to follow. “All Gangsta” delves into the rapper’s streetwise experiences, while “We’re 1” emphasizes unity and loyalty among friends and allies. “Gimme Gimme” showcases Spanky Loco’s relentless pursuit of success, and “You Ain’t Really Knowing” serves as a cautionary tale about underestimating the rapper’s skills and determination.

“Let Em Ring Out” continues the album’s exploration of life on the streets, with Spanky Loco delivering his rhymes over a dark, moody beat. “Was In Wax” highlights the rapper’s dedication to his craft, while “I Gotta Get Paid” underscores the importance of ambition and financial stability.

“Drinkin And Chokin” delves into the party lifestyle and its challenges, while “Mack 90” showcases Spanky Loco’s lyrical prowess and storytelling skills. “Ain’t No Love” addresses the harsh reality of life on the streets, and “Get With It” encourages listeners to embrace their own journeys and strive for success. The album closes with a brief “Outro,” bringing the project full circle.

Throughout “Young Gunnerz,” Spanky Loco demonstrates his ability to create engaging and hard-hitting songs that will resonate with fans of gangsta rap. The album’s combination of raw storytelling, compelling beats, and Spanky Loco’s distinctive flow make it a must-listen for fans of the genre.

Immerse yourself in the gritty world of Spanky Loco with “Young Gunnerz,” a powerful showcase of the rapper’s storytelling prowess and raw lyrical style.



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