Spanky Loco – Trapxican


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1 Intro 02:17
2 Trapxican 03:16
3 Boston George 02:59
4 Andamos Locos 02:45
Featuring – Yosie Locote
5 Loco Wraps 02:27
6 Atrapado 03:21
Featuring – Romeo Capri
7 Smoke Ride 03:00
Featuring – King Problem
8 En La Madrugada 02:44
Featuring – Charro
9 My Funds 03:40
Featuring – Big 2 Da
10 En Tu Cara 03:20
11 Activo 02:46
Featuring – Charro
12 Outro 02:55


“Trapxican” is a captivating album by Los Angeles-based rapper Spanky Loco, released on December 9, 2017. The album is independently released by Spanky Loco and features collaborations with Yosie Locote, Romeo Capri, King Problem, Charro, and Big 2 Da. With 12 tracks that merge the worlds of trap and Chicano rap, “Trapxican” showcases Spanky Loco’s versatility and unique style.

Opening with a powerful “Intro,” the album immediately sets the tone for the tracks that follow. The title track “Trapxican” offers a glimpse into Spanky Loco’s life, blending his Latin roots with the energy of modern trap music. “Boston George” continues this theme, with the rapper delivering confident verses over a hypnotic beat.

“Andamos Locos,” featuring Yosie Locote, explores the wild side of life, while “Loco Wraps” delves into Spanky Loco’s hustle and ambition. “Atrapado,” featuring Romeo Capri, is a reflective track that discusses the struggles of being trapped in a difficult situation.

“Smoke Ride,” a collaboration with King Problem, is a laid-back, cruising track that’s perfect for late-night drives. “En La Madrugada,” featuring Charro, brings a Latin-infused vibe to the album, while “My Funds,” with Big 2 Da, is a testament to the importance of financial stability and success.

“En Tu Cara” is a bold declaration of Spanky Loco’s prowess in the rap game, and “Activo,” featuring Charro, showcases the rapper’s dedication to staying active and on top of his game. The album concludes with an “Outro” that leaves listeners craving more of Spanky Loco’s unique sound.

“Trapxican” is a powerful project that demonstrates Spanky Loco’s ability to fuse trap and Chicano rap, creating a one-of-a-kind listening experience that will leave fans wanting more.

Discover the unique fusion of trap and Chicano rap with Spanky Loco’s captivating “Trapxican” album.



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