Spanky Loco – Spanky Loco Presents The G / S Album


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1 Findin Ways 04:03
Featuring – Mysta Shawn
2 Product 05:14
Featuring – Kid Frost, Tank, Big2 Da
3 My Favorite 03:43
Featuring – Papi De Barge
4 Be Somebody 03:49
Featuring – Og Cuicide
5 Get That Money 04:09
Featuring – Big2 Da
6 Bang 04:00
Featuring – Bangem Smurf, Big2 Da
7 Chasin Pesos 03:52
Featuring – Ramon
8 H.A.F.A.F. 04:35
Featuring – Clinton Wayne
9 Little Bit 05:01
Featuring – Chino Grande
10 Doin That 03:43
11 G / S Vida 05:02
Featuring – Obnoxious
12 Real 04:13
Featuring – Baldacci, Oso Viscious
13 On This 03:58
Featuring – Young Blu
14 Check It 02:45
15 Ink Life 03:09
16 When I Was 13 02:52
Featuring – Mitchy Slick


“Spanky Loco Presents The G/S Album” is a dynamic release by Los Angeles-based rapper Spanky Loco, showcasing his incredible talent and versatility. The album, released on November 14, 2014, by SpankyLocoMusic, features collaborations with a diverse range of artists such as Mysta Shawn, Kid Frost, Tank, Big2 Da, Papi De Barge, Og Cuicide, Bangem Smurf, Ramon, Clinton Wayne, Chino Grande, Obnoxious, Baldacci, Oso Viscious, Young Blu, and Mitchy Slick.

The album kicks off with “Findin Ways,” a reflective track featuring Mysta Shawn that sets the tone for the rest of the project. “Product,” featuring Kid Frost, Tank, and Big2 Da, follows with a catchy hook and a head-nodding beat, while “My Favorite” sees Spanky Loco team up with Papi De Barge for a melodic tune that highlights their unique chemistry.

“Be Somebody” is an inspiring collaboration with Og Cuicide that encourages listeners to persevere in the face of adversity. The album continues with “Get That Money” and “Bang,” two high-energy tracks that showcase Spanky Loco’s relentless work ethic and determination.

“Chasin Pesos,” featuring Ramon, and “H.A.F.A.F.” with Clinton Wayne delve into the realities of street life and the pursuit of financial success. “Little Bit,” a collaboration with Chino Grande, offers a more introspective look at the rapper’s experiences and emotions.

The album’s second half features a range of tracks such as “Doin That,” “G/S Vida,” “Real,” “On This,” “Check It,” “Ink Life,” and “When I Was 13” that further highlight Spanky Loco’s versatility as an artist. From introspective storytelling to hard-hitting anthems, this album has something for everyone.

“Spanky Loco Presents The G/S Album” is a testament to the rapper’s incredible talent, showcasing his ability to collaborate with a diverse range of artists while staying true to his unique sound and style.

Discover the diverse and captivating world of Spanky Loco with “The G/S Album.”



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