Son Doobie – Doobie Deluxe


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1 Club Rock 03:39
2 Wonderful World 03:31
3 Dub Sacks And Blunt Wraps 03:48
Featuring – Raze
4 Bounce 02:39
5 L.A. 911 04:06
6 Flip Out 03:23
7 Confess 03:21
8 Hold Tight 03:34
9 First To Set 02:29
10 Criminal 03:26
11 Give It Up 03:30
12 Doobie Deluxe 03:07


“Doobie Deluxe” is the second studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Son Doobie, a former member of the hip-hop group Funkdoobiest. Released on October 19, 2004, by Battle Axe Records, this album showcases Son Doobie’s distinctive rap style and features collaborations with various producers, creating a unique sound that stays true to its West Coast hip-hop roots.

The album kicks off with the energetic “Club Rock,” produced by Nucleus, setting the tone for a dynamic listening experience. “Wonderful World,” produced by Rob The Viking, brings a smooth groove to the album, while “Dub Sacks And Blunt Wraps” featuring Raze adds a more aggressive edge, thanks to the production by Kold Cut.

“Bounce” and “L.A. 911” demonstrate Son Doobie’s versatile flow, with production by Nucleus and DJ Revolution, respectively. “Flip Out” and “Hold Tight,” both produced by The Edgecrusher, showcase Doobie’s ability to deliver powerful lyrics over hard-hitting beats. “Confess” and “First To Set,” produced by DJ Revolution and Nucleus, provide a balance of introspection and energy.

Rounding out the album are “Criminal,” “Give It Up,” and the titular track “Doobie Deluxe,” all of which highlight Son Doobie’s exceptional talent as a lyricist and performer. With its diverse production styles and strong lyrical content, “Doobie Deluxe” solidifies Son Doobie’s place in the West Coast hip-hop scene.

Overall, “Doobie Deluxe” offers listeners a dynamic and engaging rap experience, showcasing Son Doobie’s skills as a solo artist and paying homage to his roots in Funkdoobiest. Fans of West Coast hip-hop will not want to miss out on this standout album from a seasoned rapper with a unique voice in the genre.

Discover Son Doobie’s unique West Coast rap sound in his second studio album, “Doobie Deluxe.”



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