Soldiers Of The 213 – The Real Sequel


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1 Intro 01:44
2 We’re Back 04:36
3 Hoods Up! 04:07
4 Skit (Lowride Phone Calls) 01:04
5 California Lowriding 03:14
6 Street Soldier’s 02:39
7 213 4 Life 03:42
Featuring – Ese Villen
8 Bad Dreams 03:44
Featuring – Stomper
9 Can’t Be Touched 05:37
Featuring – Big Lokote, Lil Cuete
10 Ready 4 War 04:24
Featuring – Bizzy Bone
11 Imitators 04:07
12 Born And Raised 03:53
13 Appetite 4 Pain 03:35
14 Till I Get Killed 03:38
Featuring – Bozo
15 Outro 03:12


“The Real Sequel” is the second studio album by the Los Angeles-based rap group, Soldiers Of The 213, consisting of Mr. Criminal and Mr. Silent. Released on September 26, 2006, by B-Dub Records, the album features 15 tracks with collaborations from Ese Villen, Stomper, Big Lokote, Lil Cuete, Bizzy Bone, and Bozo.

The album is a mix of gangsta and G-funk styles, and features hard-hitting beats and raw lyrics. Tracks like “Hoods Up!”, “Street Soldier’s”, and “213 4 Life” showcase the group’s dedication to their roots and their commitment to their community. Meanwhile, tracks like “Bad Dreams” featuring Stomper, and “Can’t Be Touched” featuring Big Lokote and Lil Cuete, demonstrate the group’s ability to collaborate with other artists and create powerful tracks.

With its diverse range of collaborations, “The Real Sequel” highlights Soldiers Of The 213’s versatility as an artist. Tracks like “Ready 4 War” featuring Bizzy Bone and “Till I Get Killed” featuring Bozo showcase the group’s ability to create tracks that are both hard-hitting and introspective.

Overall, “The Real Sequel” is a powerful album that showcases Soldiers Of The 213’s dedication to their craft and their unwavering commitment to their fans. With its raw lyrics and hard-hitting beats, this album is a must-listen for fans of gangsta and G-funk rap music.



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