Slim – Unmasked

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1 Live From Oakland 05:32
Featuring – Roger Troutman
2 What I Do 03:30
3 A Message 04:46
4 Tha Spotlight 04:49
5 Take A Look Around You 05:31
Featuring – Fatha Dom
6 Tha Place To Be 05:03
Featuring – Dwayne Wiggins, Otis Cooper
7 What’cha Got 4 Me Now?!! 03:42
8 Faulty 04:24
9 Who Is You 04:41
10 I’ll Holla 04:02
11 We Macks 03:52


Unmasked is an extremely rare and highly sought-after album by Slim, a rapper from Oakland, California. The album was released on October 6, 1998, by Neros Music / Slow Motion Records and features collaborations with Roger Troutman, Fatha Dom, Dwayne Wiggins, and Otis Cooper.

The album features eleven tracks, including the lead single “Take A Look Around You,” featuring Fatha Dom. The project showcases Slim’s unique blend of gangsta rap and G-funk.

Unmasked’s standout track is “Live From Oakland,” which features the legendary Roger Troutman of Zapp. Other highlights include “Tha Place To Be,” featuring Dwayne Wiggins and Otis Cooper, and “What’Cha Got 4 Me Now ?!!”

The album was pressed by Rainbo Records and released on CD only. Unmasked was copyrighted and distributed by Slow Motion Music Group.

Despite its limited release, Unmasked has become a cult classic among fans of West Coast hip hop and G-funk, cementing Slim’s place in the Bay Area rap scene.

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