Skip Dog – Game Shoota


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1 Intro 00:36
2 Back Breaka 03:54
3 Actin A Ass 03:15
4 Go Bad 02:55
5 Money Murder Mayhem 04:16
6 Surviving Tacktics 04:13
7 Immaculant 04:42
8 Party Ova Here (Hyphee Music) 03:07
9 Live Wire 04:47
10 Faces Of Death 03:50
11 Big Chips 04:07
12 Some Otha 03:42
13 Come Take A Ride 04:29
14 Fony 04:07
15 Slow Ya Road 04:35
16 Outro 03:13


“Game Shoota” is a rare release by Fairfield, California rapper Skip Dog, a member of the group E.Z.S.D. The album, released in 2006 by Mayhem Family Entertainment, offers a unique blend of Gangsta-style Hip Hop, showcasing Skip Dog’s dynamic talent in the genre.

The album kicks off with a short “Intro,” leading into the energetic track “Back Breaka.” Throughout the 16 tracks, Skip Dog collaborates with fellow artists such as Da Heathin on “Actin A Ass” and “Surviving Tactics,” and Nut on “Come Take A Ride.” Other featured artists on the album include Laroo, Neo-Boogie, NoFace, PSD Tha Drivah, Q-Ball, and 4Tay, adding a diverse range of styles and voices to the mix.

Producers K-Lou and T-Roy bring their expertise to the album, ensuring a high-quality sound that complements Skip Dog’s compelling lyrics. Tracks like “Money Murder Mayhem” and “Faces of Death” delve into darker themes, while “Party Ova Here (Hyphee Music)” and “Live Wire” showcase the rapper’s ability to create party anthems.

“Game Shoota” explores various aspects of life, with songs like “Big Chips” and “Some Otha” reflecting on the pursuit of success. The album concludes with the introspective “Slow Ya Road” and the final “Outro,” wrapping up a captivating listening experience.

This rare release from Skip Dog of E.Z.S.D. is a testament to his versatility and talent as a rapper, offering fans a unique addition to their Hip Hop collection.



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