Ski & The Mafia – Bitch U Gets Nathan


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1 Da Hit 01:00
2 Oakland Hustla 05:20
3 Bitch Gets Nathan 05:35
Featuring – Pooh Man
4 Sweet Peeder Deeder 05:47
5 Streets Of Oakland 05:02
6 Tyme To Get High 02:51
7 Troubled Man 04:27
Featuring – Pooh Man
8 Bitch Made Nigga 04:29


Bitch U Gets Nathan is the only release by Ski & The Mafia, a rap group from Oakland, California. The album was released in 1992 by Righteous Records and features collaborations with Pooh Man.

The album features eight tracks, including the lead single “Bitch Gets Nathan,” which showcases the group’s gritty, gangsta-style lyrics and beats. Other highlights include “Oakland Hustla,” “Streets Of Oakland,” and “Troubled Man.”

Bitch U Gets Nathan was mixed at Righteous Records Studio, Live Oak Studios, and J-Jam Studio, and mastered by Bernie Grundman Mastering. The album’s production was handled by Gino Blacknell, who played bass, synthesizer, flute, and strings on the project.

The album’s cover art, photography, graphics, and layout were done by Victor Hall. Bitch U Gets Nathan was copyrighted and distributed by Righteous Records.

Despite its limited release, Bitch U Gets Nathan has become a sought-after collector’s item for fans of Bay Area rap and West Coast hip hop, cementing Ski & The Mafia’s place in Oakland’s rap scene.



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