SK-1 – All Grounds Covered


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1 Intro 02:04
2 SK1 06:27
3 Worldwide Factor 05:45
Featuring – Necko, Nicole Fuqua, Tee
4 No Love In The Ghetto 05:06
Featuring – Darryl Dancy, Nicole Fuqua
5 Slip-N-Slide 05:44
6 Marijuana 04:22
Featuring – Tee
7 Oakland Streets 04:22
Featuring – E.B.P.
8 Outro 01:23


All Grounds Covered is the only release by SK-1, a rapper from Oakland, California. The EP was released in 1996 by L.A.D.E. Back Records and features collaborations with Necko, Nicole Fuqua, Tee, Darryl Dancy, and E.B.P.

The mini-album features eight tracks, including the lead single “SK1,” which showcases the rapper’s raw talent and gritty lyrics. Other highlights include “No Love In The Ghetto,” “Slip-N-Slide,” and “Oakland Streets.”

All Grounds Covered was recorded at Pajama Recording Studios, mixed by Jim Gardiner, and mastered by Ken Lee at Rocket Lab. The album’s production was handled by SK-1, Mr. Poppalot, and Dollar Bill, who co-engineered the project.

The mini-album’s cover art features photography by Clifton Photography and was copyrighted and distributed by L.A.D.E. Back Records.

Despite its limited release, All Grounds Covered has become a cult classic among fans of Bay Area rap and West Coast hip hop, cementing SK-1’s place in Oakland’s rap scene.



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