Shello – The Homegirl


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1 West Coast Boogie 05:31
2 Hello 04:30
3 Sweet Love And Ecstasy 04:41
4 Good Thang 03:51
5 I Just Want You Here 04:58
6 Street Niggaz 04:07
7 Funky Shit 05:02
8 Another Love Gone Bad 04:22
9 All Night Long 04:35
10 Say You Love Me 04:07
11 West Coast Boogie (Reprise) 02:15


“The Homegirl” is the only studio album by rapper Shello, who hails from Compton, California. Released on July 19, 1994, by Giant Records, this album is a testament to Shello’s talents and her contribution to the hip-hop scene in the ’90s. The album’s style blends elements of West Coast hip-hop with a touch of funk and soul.

The album features 11 tracks, kicking off with “West Coast Boogie,” co-produced by Darryl Reed and produced by Keith Lewis. Other notable tracks include “Hello,” “Sweet Love and Ecstasy,” and “Good Thang,” which were produced by DJ Quik, a renowned figure in the West Coast hip-hop scene. “I Just Want You Here” features co-production by Darryl Reed and production by Robert “Fonksta” Bacon, while “Street Niggaz” is another DJ Quik-produced track.

“Funky Shit” features a guest appearance from Skubie Tha Ciko Son, with production handled by Keith Lewis. The album continues with “Another Love Gone Bad” and “All Night Long,” both produced by Keith Lewis. “Say You Love Me” is produced by DJ Madball “Tony Dee,” and the album concludes with a reprise of “West Coast Boogie.”

“The Homegirl” showcases Shello’s unique style and lyrical prowess, offering a glimpse into the world of a female rapper navigating the male-dominated hip-hop scene in the ’90s. The album’s combination of hard-hitting beats and smooth, soulful melodies provides a captivating listening experience for fans of West Coast hip-hop and beyond.



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