S.S.M.O.B. – Born Again Rebel From A Gangsta Level


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1 (Intro) Creepin’ Up On Ya 01:58
2 Once Again It’s On 04:57
3 Nut Up 04:09
4 Watt Iz Soul 04:08
5 We Mobbin 05:00
6 Muzik Vs. Ministree 04:47
7 Po Mama Cita 05:52
8 W/O A Gat 04:42
9 Pass Da Break Of Dawn 03:02
10 Kry Of A Gangsta 04:26
11 Bonus – Maxine 05:45
12 Down With Da M.O.B. 06:23
13 (Outro) We Got Ya Covered 04:20


“Born Again Rebel From A Gangsta Level” is the debut studio album by Oakland-based rap group S.S.M.O.B. Released in 1993, this project showcases the group’s unique blend of gangsta rap and thought-provoking themes. S.S.M.O.B., which stands for Soul Serving Ministers On Board, combines hard-hitting beats with insightful lyrics, reflecting their distinctive approach to hip hop.

The album features 13 tracks, each delivering a powerful message through its lyrics and music. Kicking off with “(Intro) Creepin’ Up On Ya,” the group sets the stage for a raw, unfiltered exploration of life in Oakland. Songs like “Once Again It’s On,” “Nut Up,” and “We Mobbin” delve into the grittier aspects of street life, while tracks like “Watt Iz Soul” and “Muzik Vs. Ministree” offer introspective takes on spirituality and the power of music.

S.S.M.O.B.’s distinctive style shines through in songs like “Po Mama Cita” and “W/O A Gat,” showcasing their ability to fuse gangsta rap with melodic hooks and compelling storytelling. The album reaches an emotional crescendo with “Kry Of A Gangsta,” before closing with the defiant anthem “Down With Da M.O.B.” and the outro, “We Got Ya Covered.”

The album was self-released under the “Not On Label” moniker and distributed by CMN Distribution. Production was helmed by N.Y.X., with King Shon serving as co-producer and contributing to the album’s vocal arrangements. The project was recorded and mixed at Media Sound Productions, with King Shon, Dogg Bone, and Don St. Juan providing the powerful, evocative lyrics.

“Born Again Rebel From A Gangsta Level” is a testament to S.S.M.O.B.’s unique approach to hip hop, offering a fresh perspective on the genre that transcends traditional gangsta rap themes. This album is a must-listen for fans of socially conscious hip hop and those interested in exploring the diverse sounds of Oakland’s rap scene in the early ’90s.



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