Rodrick Beats – Delivery 2


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1 Out My Face 03:47
Featuring – Memegotvocals
2 Right Now 01:52
Featuring – Jamez Vocalz, E Nasty
3 Get Loose 03:06
Featuring – E Nasty, Joey Chang
4 30 Shots 02:15
Featuring – Joobarc
5 Lifestyle 02:37
Featuring – Young Ely
6 Feel Like 02:54
Featuring – Mo Gwop
7 Gettn’ Cake 03:09
Featuring – Yada, Yg
8 Bout It 03:37
Featuring – G Perico, Tf, Yc Creez
9 A Bag (Remix) 03:31
Featuring – Ralfy The Plug, Drakeo The Ruler, Joobarc
10 Riding With The Blower 03:06
Featuring – Finesse, Ralfy The Plug, Mellz
11 Stink Team 02:39
Featuring – Ralfy The Plug, Ketchup The Great
12 Saggin’ 02:35
Featuring – Roadie Rose, Young Sagg
13 Live & Die 03:10
Featuring – Mv Cali, Jay Macc
14 All On A Bitch 02:59
Featuring – Frostydasnowmann, Hopout
15 Show Out 03:12
Featuring – Yada, Lil Cadi Pge
16 O.M.G 03:05
Featuring – Frosty Da Snowmann
17 The Plug 02:50
Featuring – Ralfy The Plug
18 Bodies Got Cases 02:40
Featuring – Rodrick Beats, Young Ely
19 Poppin’ 03:07
Featuring – E Nasty, Young Smash


“Delivery 2” is an impressive project by La Puente, California-based producer Rodrick Beats, self-released on October 28, 2016. This mixtape showcases Rodrick Beats’ exceptional production skills and features an incredible lineup of talented artists, such as Memegotvocals, Jamez Vocalz, E Nasty, Joey Chang, Joobarc, Young Ely, Mo Gwop, Yada, Yg, G Perico, Tf, Yc Creez, Ralfy The Plug, Drakeo The Ruler, Finesse, Mellz, Ketchup The Great, Roadie Rose, Young Sagg, Mv Cali, Jay Macc, Frostydasnowmann, Hopout, Lil Cadi Pge, and Young Smash.

“Delivery 2” opens with “Out My Face,” featuring Memegotvocals, setting the tone for the project with its energetic beat and captivating flow. The mixtape continues with “Right Now,” featuring Jamez Vocalz and E Nasty, a track that highlights Rodrick Beats’ ability to create catchy hooks and memorable melodies.

Throughout the project, Rodrick Beats collaborates with a diverse range of artists, producing tracks like “Get Loose” with E Nasty and Joey Chang, “30 Shots” with Joobarc, and “Lifestyle” with Young Ely. Each collaboration brings a unique flavor to the mixtape, showcasing the versatility and creativity of all artists involved.

Notable tracks include “Gettn’ Cake” featuring Yada and Yg, “Bout It” featuring G Perico, Tf, and Yc Creez, and “A Bag (Remix)” featuring Ralfy The Plug, Drakeo The Ruler, and Joobarc. Each song demonstrates the synergy between Rodrick Beats’ production and the featured artists’ distinct styles.

“Delivery 2” is a testament to Rodrick Beats’ talent as a producer and his ability to bring together a wide range of artists to create a cohesive and engaging project.



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