Rifleman – Riflemania


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1 Baller Status 04:13
2 Up On Game 04:02
3 Everyday Hustle 04:40
4 Late Nightz 02:53
5 Friend Or Foe 04:44
6 Boogie On 04:04
7 Taste Test 03:17
8 Project Blowed 04:33
9 Gangland (U.S.C.) 04:00
10 Confessions 04:52
11 Start To End 03:27
Featuring – Terra


“Riflemania” is the debut studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Rifleman, also known as Ellay Khule. Released in 1998 under WellBell Records, the album showcases Rifleman’s impressive lyrical skills and West Coast underground rap style, combining elements of hip-hop throughout its 11 tracks.

The album kicks off with “Baller Status,” a powerful introduction to Rifleman’s unique flow and storytelling abilities. “Up On Game” and “Everyday Hustle” provide insight into the rapper’s life experiences, while “Late Nightz” delivers a more introspective vibe.

“Friend or Foe,” produced and engineered by Lord G, highlights Rifleman’s ability to navigate complex relationships and stay true to himself. The album continues with “Boogie On,” produced and engineered by Chris Gunn and Marc Thou, showcasing an infectious groove that’s impossible to ignore.

“Taste Test” is a bold, lyrical showcase, followed by “Project Blowed,” a track that pays homage to the iconic Los Angeles open-mic workshop. “Gangland (U.S.C.)” delves into the realities of life on the streets, and “Confessions” offers a vulnerable glimpse into Rifleman’s personal struggles.

“Start To End,” featuring Terra, concludes the album with a powerful collaboration that perfectly encapsulates the dynamic energy and raw talent found throughout “Riflemania.”

Executive produced by Louis Beltran and Michael Stowell, with lyrics by Rifleman himself, this debut album is a testament to the rapper’s undeniable talent and lasting impact on the West Coast underground rap scene.



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