Richie Rich – Don’t Do It


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1 Don’t Do It 04:10
2 Rodney The Geek 04:33
3 Fr– At Last 05:15
4 Media Hype 04:19
Featuring – D-Loc
5 The Mic Is Mine 04:29
6 Lady Ace 02:09
Featuring – Lady Ace
7 Female F.E.D 04:59
8 Side Show 03:55
9 The Picnic 04:27
10 5MC’s 04:12
Featuring – D-Loc
11 Don’t Do It (Long Vers) 05:39


“Don’t Do It” is the debut studio album by Oakland rapper Richie Rich, released in 1990 by Big League Records, Inc. Showcasing his raw talent and unique style, this 11-track album serves as an impressive introduction to the rapper’s career, blending elements of gangsta rap with the distinctive Bay Area sound.

The album features tracks like “Don’t Do It,” “Rodney The Geek,” “Media Hype,” and “Side Show,” demonstrating Richie Rich’s versatile rapping abilities and strong storytelling skills. Collaborations with fellow artists such as D-Loc and Lady Ace add depth and variety to the project, while the production work from Jed, Daryl “Dj Daryl” Anderson, and Kirck “Kickin’ Kirk” Crumpler ensures a consistent, engaging soundscape throughout the album.

Richie Rich’s influence on the rap scene is evident in the impact he had on artists like Snoop Dogg, who cites Rich’s style and voice as an inspiration for his own rapping. “Don’t Do It” lays the foundation for Richie Rich’s successful career, which includes signing with Def Jam Records and releasing his major-label album, “Seasoned Veteran.”

“Don’t Do It” is a must-listen for fans of Richie Rich and those interested in exploring the roots of Oakland’s hip-hop scene. This debut album offers a glimpse into the beginnings of a rapper who would go on to make a lasting impact on the music industry.



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