Ricc Rocc – Unfinished Business


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1 Just Call 03:27
2 Purple Hearts 04:38
3 Let Me 03:35
4 If You Aint Bout It 02:12
5 Round Here 04:13
6 Let You Go 03:16
7 Die 03:26
8 Hoe 03:19
9 Airport 2 Da 03:37
10 Green Light 03:48
11 Take Yo Top Off 03:18


Unfinished Business, a mixtape project by rapper Ricc Rocc from Compton, California, showcases his talent and versatility as an artist. Released in 2015 by Westgood Music Group, this 11-track mixtape offers a blend of catchy hooks, powerful beats, and compelling storytelling that captures the essence of Ricc Rocc’s style.

The mixtape kicks off with “Just Call,” setting the tone with its smooth vibe and introspective lyrics. “Purple Hearts” follows, delving into the challenges of love and relationships with its captivating rhythm and relatable narrative. “Let Me” keeps the momentum going, offering a more laid-back, yet engaging sound.

The assertive “If You Aint Bout It” shifts gears with its unapologetic lyrics and powerful beat, while “Round Here” brings listeners back to the streets of Compton with its gritty storytelling and hard-hitting production. “Let You Go” offers a more emotional and introspective side of Ricc Rocc, demonstrating his ability to tackle various themes and moods.

“Die” continues the mixtape’s exploration of personal struggles and emotions, while “Hoe” returns to a more assertive and confrontational tone. “Airport 2 Da” keeps the energy high with its catchy hook and dynamic beat, leading into “Green Light,” a track that showcases Ricc Rocc’s lyrical prowess and unique flow.

The mixtape concludes with “Take Yo Top Off,” an upbeat, party anthem that serves as the perfect finale to this diverse and captivating project. Unfinished Business is a must-listen for fans of Ricc Rocc and West Coast hip-hop.



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